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Apple ID Support

Apple ID Support and Apple ID Help service by Keith Thomas Apple Specialist and Mac Computer Expert.

Get Professional Help with your Apple ID and Apple iCloud Support service by Keith ThomasiCloud Specialist. Keith Thomas is an Apple ID Specialist and a Apple ID expert that provides professional Apple ID Support and Apple ID help to the general public and for companies and businesses across the UK United Kingdom.

Apple ID Support Service assistance by Keith Thomas, Apple iCloud and Apple ID consultant that has over 30 years of Apple Mac IT Support skills and Apple Mac computer knowledge.

Get professional Apple ID support service for your Apple Mac computer or Apple product today.

How to merge Apple ID and iCloud accounts?

Apple will probably advise you that an Apple ID cannot be merged or copied to another Apple ID account, but a workaround is possible to extract some of the Apple ID data one Apple ID to another Apple ID is possible.

Ask our Apple ID consultants to help you with merging the data from an Apple ID account to another Apple ID account.

Do you need help with your Apple ID or help with your Apple iCloud service?

Are you looking for a Apple ID specialist that can help you with your Apple ID account and Apple ID iCloud services?

Have you purchased a new Apple Mac computer and you need help and assistance with your Apple ID?

Apple ID Support assistance for home users and for Apple Store customers

Apple ID support for home users and for small business, self-employed and for Apple Store uk customers.

Keith Thomas is a Apple ID support specialist that worked for Apple computer uk and now provides onsite, remote, and telephone Apple ID support.

Apple ID information that you need to know.

An Apple ID account is simply an email address and a password, anyone can create an Apple ID account online, without a Apple device Apple allows a free 1Gb Apple ID account, and 5Gb Apple ID account for accounts created on a Apple Mac computer, or Apple iPhone or Apple iPad. In addition, a telephone number is required which Apple calls a trusted number.

About Apple ID services.

What is a Apple ID in plain English?

An Apple ID account consists of services from Apple, with iCloud Drive and iCloud Photos and Apple Calendars and Apple Contacts being some of the key services of an Apple ID. It is also often referred to as an Apple icloud account, from the very early days Apple called it, which now seems an odd name to use.

Do not try to share the same Apple ID for a family or for more than one person.

For customers that have been using the same Apple ID on multiple devices and sharing a Apple ID account, this can cause issues and problems and can lead to data loss from a Apple ID service. Our Apple ID guide explains each service in more detail.

Apple has a Apple ID Family sharing system for families and for homes that need to share information from a group Apple ID account. You can also have a Apple ID for a child that is under 13 years old, and schools and education locations also have Apple ID for students to use.

Apple ID support service for Apple Mac computer users.

Your Apple ID.

Take care with your Apple ID and do not write down or share your Apple ID password with anyone, including Apple or Keith Thomas if you need Apple ID Support service and assistance.

Apple ID Support by Keith Thomas.

Keith Thomas is a Apple ID support specialist that can help you understand and help you learn how to use and manage your Apple ID.

Keith Thomas has been providing Apple ID support since mobile me, below are the cups that was given to Keith Thomas by Apple Computer UK for the technical support at Apple Computer UK.

Apple ID passwords information.

We understand that its easy to forget your Apple ID password!

We recommend that you do not write this down or use any third party utility to store your Apple ID password.

Try to use a Apple ID password like a colour and a pets name and a 4 digit number with a special character @£$%^

Trying to think of a new password can be difficult, always avoid your date of birth, your house number, your car registration number, your pets name.

And anything you have written down, and of course password1234 is simply not going to work.

Never use the same Apple ID password that you have used before on another website or service!

How to reset Apple ID Password.

The best way to reset an Apple ID password is to use one of your trusted devices, and this is going to be the Apple iPhone device, then a Apple Mac computer or Apple iPad that is already signed into your own Apple ID account.

On an Apple iPhone in the settings menu, the Apple ID account information is shown at the very top of the iPhone, simply click on the Apple ID name, and you will find the option to Change Apple ID Password.

You can also changed the Apple ID Password online by using the Apple ID Support page from Apple.

Apple ID Login.

If you already know your Apple ID password and you want to change or update the Apple ID password you can visit the Apple ID Login page to update your Apple ID password.

Apple ID Storage: Apple icloud Drive support.

Apple icloud drive has been with us since 12th October 2011, and today with Apple Mac OS Catalina and beyond most Apple Mac users are using icloud when your use your Apple Mac computer.

Our Apple icloud drive specialists can help you understand how to manage Apple icloud drive on your Apple Mac computer.

iCloud Drive Support.

The Apple iCloud Drive service stores files and folders in the cloud, the storage limit is 2Tb from a free 5Gb account, and 50Gb and 200Gb options are also available on Apple iCloud Drive.

Note, early Apple Mac computers running Apple MacOS Lion to Apple MacOS El Capitan only had the ability to store files and folders in the iCloud Drive. With Apple Mac Mojave, Apple MacOS Catalina, and Apple MacOS Big Sur a new option was made available called Desktop and Documents Folder.

The idea behind this feature was to be able to synchronise the Apple Mac Documents folder and Apple Mac desktop folder with other Apple Mac computers and Apple devices that are signed into the same Apple ID.

If you have multiple Apple devices, and one device is MacOS El Capitan or earlier, then, the earlier Apple Mac computer running an older MacOS operating system software will not work with showing the Apple iCloud Drive files and folders.

Apple iCloud Drive Desktop and Documents option.

The Apple iCloud drive and iCloud desktop and documents folder option allows the synchronisation of files and folders across multiple devices signed into the same Apple ID account.

in addition the iCloud Drive and Desktop and Documents folder are also stored on a Apple Mac computer, and this is further optimised with iCloud Drive supporting the feature of optimise storage.

The icloud Drive optimised storage option which is available as a tick box from the Apple ID control panel or from the Apple iCloud control panel, can automatically optimise macOS storage volume capacity space by removing files from the internal storage volume, but still show the files and folders on the macOS Finder.

You can also manually choose to perform the action of Remove Download or Download Now from the macOS finder menu bar dialog box.

This feature is ideal or Apple Mac computers that have limited storage volume capacity space, like some MacBook Air models and even an entry level iMac 24 inch M1 desktop computer that has 256Gb of storage.

The Apple iPhone and Apple iPad has a app called Files which allows the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad to use Apple iCloud drive on Apple iPhones and Apple iPad devices.

Get professional Apple iCloud Drive Help and iCloud Drive Support.

Keith Thomas provides onsite and remote Apple iCloud Drive Support and Apple iCloud Drive training services across the UK United Kingdom and onsite to Surrey Hampshire Berkshire Wiltshire London and to some areas and locations in Dorset and Somerset.

Photos: Apple ID Photos Support.

Apple icloud Photos is perhaps the most popular and well-known Apple icloud service, with Apple icloud Photo Library.

However, we like to advise our customers on how the Apple icloud Library works with your Apple ID and with your Apple icloud account.

Apple iCloud Photos Help and Information.

The Apple iCloud Photos Library is stored on the Apple cloud service and the iCloud Photos Library file is also stored on the Apple Mac computer in the Pictures folder the file is called Photo Library. The Apple Photos Library may be optimised only to contain low res pictures, so in order to merge the Apple iCloud data the Apple Mac iCloud preferences need to be checked.

Ideally for a home computer user, it is often best just to have one Apple Photos Library file, but Apple does allow more than one Apple Photos Library files to be created. The Apple Photos file can even be on an external Mac formatted storage volume or memory stick, for the best performance use an external SSD flash storage volume.

How to merge Apple iCloud Photos.

  1. Make sure that all of the Photos have been downloaded to the Apple Mac computer that is signed into the Apple ID account that has the Apple iCloud Photos.
  2. Make sure that the option of Download Originals to this Mac has been selected.
  3. Wait for the Apple Mac computer to download any iCloud Photos that are on the iCloud Photos service, to check that this has been done. It is possible to check the number of Photos and videos that are on the iCloud Photo are the same number of photos and videos on the Photos Library file in the Pictures folder on the Apple Mac computer.

How to check to see if Apple iCloud Photos and Apple Photos Library files are synchronised.

use the Apple ID iCloud icon to see how many Photos and videos you have stored on a Apple ID Apple iCloud account.

Calendars: Apple ID calendar support.

Our Apple ID specialists can help you understand the principles behind the Apple Home and Apple Work calendars.

If you are also using a Google Mail account and a Microsoft Exchange account, often you will need further assistance by a Apple icloud specialist to help you with the setup so you can synchronise your data correctly.

Apple Contacts: Apple ID contacts.

Most Apple customers do not have any problems with using Apple contacts, however, our Apple specialists can help both home users and businesses with using Apple contacts with Apple icloud.

If you are using Google Mail and Microsoft Exchange accounts we can help you manage you Apple contacts also know as the Apple address book.

Apple iCloud Mail Support.

Every Apple ID account has a free Apple email account, which is a account, it is not possible to transfer a Apple ID mail account to another Apple ID account. However the Apple Mail application has a export command that can export emails to a Apple Mailbox file which can be imported into Apple mail as a local on my Mac folder on another user profile.

icloud Contacts Support.

The Apple ID iCloud contacts can be exported by using the Apple Contacts application on a Apple Mac computer or by using the Apple login website page to export to a VCF file. A VCF file can be imported into the Apple Contacts application on the Apple Mac computer or imported into another Apple ID account via the Apple website.

The Apple Contacts has the ability to look for duplicate contacts and also help merge duplicate contacts.

Apple iCloud Calendars.

The Apple iCloud calendars are setup with a Home and a Work Apple iCloud Calendar account. It is possible to share a Apple iCloud calendar with another Apple ID account. However it is also possible to export the Apple iCloud calendars to another Apple ID using the import and export command found from the File menu in Apple Calendars application on the Apple Mac computer.

iCloud Reminders.

The Apple icloud reminders only synchronises data between Apple iOS 13 or later, and Apple MacOS Catalina or later. It is not possible to export the Apple iCloud reminders data or merge the Apple iCloud data to another Apple ID.

Apple Safari icloud.

The Apple Safari option in the iCloud control panel allows for Apple Safari Bookmarks to be stored in the Apple iCloud. The Apple Mac Safari application has an option to export Apple Safari bookmarks to a Apple Mac bookmarks file.

iCloud Notes.

The Apple iCloud Notes does not have the option to export notes and it is rather difficult to export the data to another Apple ID, however, it is possible to copy or to move a Apple iCloud note to the on my Mac section of Apple notes, then copy the notes data file to another Apple Mac computers user profile, however, this will erase any local notes stored.

Siri iCloud option.

Siri can save your search queries to the Apple iCloud. Read the Apple iCloud Siri information from the Apple website. click here to read the Apple Siri information on the Apple iCloud. Their is no option to export any Siri data from an Apple ID to our knowledge.

iCloud Keychain.

The Apple iCloud keychain stores usernames and passwords from Apple Safari, stores Wi-Fi passwords for Wi-Fi networks that have been used before, saves the Autofill information from Apple Mac Safari. it is not possible to move the keychain data from one Apple ID to another Apple ID, however, it is possible to sign into a Apple ID account on a Apple Mac computer, and allow the Apple keychain to setup, then sign out of the Apple ID account and choose the option to keep the iCloud data on the Apple Mac computer.

Apple iCloud messages.

The Apple ID account supports Apple Messages also know as iMessages. It is not possible to export messages from one Apple ID to Another Apple ID.

If you are getting Messages on your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad or even on your Apple Mac computer which are not from your own Apple ID account or are comng from another Apple ID account.

Either another Apple ID account is using the same Apple ID account, or another Apple iPhone is associated with a trusted phone number.

iCloud News.

The Apple iCloud News data cannot be merged from one Apple ID to another Apple ID.

How to merge Apple IDs.

Officially an Apple ID account cannot be automatically merged with another Apple ID account. The workaround is to export or extract the data from each of the Apple ID services. Some of the Apple ID services data is complex and often difficult to extract the data.

Read our free guide on how to merge a Apple ID and learn how to separate a shared Apple ID account.

Our How to merge Apple IDs guide is suitable for both home users and for small businesses that need further technical assistance on their Apple ID.

Note: Technically it is not possible to merge a Apple ID with another Apple ID read our Apple ID guide to find out how to separate the data from a Apple ID find out what can be done with a Apple ID account.

Apple have written a Apple ID FAQ guide, however the question on how to merge a Apple ID is missing. Read the official Apple ID FAQ page here.

How to merge Apple iCloud data to another Apple ID.

Ask us How to merge Apple ID’s and Apple iCloud accounts – its not ABC but we can help!

How to copy the Apple iCloud Drive data to another Apple iCloud Drive account.

Copy the Desktop and Documents folder to a external storage volume or open the Macintosh HD and copy the Documents Folder and the Desktop folder to the Shared Folder on a Apple Mac computer. Create a User Account on the Apple Mac computer and use the Apple ID or Apple iCloud icon and follow the steps to create a new Apple ID account.

Apple ID FAQ questions and answers.

Our Apple ID FAQ can help you find an answer to a Apple icloud question that has been asked before.

How can i change my Apple ID Password?

A. The best way to change a Apple ID password is to use your Apple iPhone to reset your password.
B. Use your Apple Mac computer to reset your Apple ID password by using the system preferences, then choose Apple ID, or the icloud icon, select account details, then click on security, and click on change password.
C. Visit the Apple support website page to reset your Apple ID password click here.

I cannot remember my Apple ID password, how can i reset my Apple ID password?

A. Use your Apple iPhone to reset your Apple ID password.
This is the best way to reset a Apple ID or Apple icloud password.
B. Use one of your Apple devices that is signed into your Apple ID account, Apple icloud to reset your password.
C. Visit the Apple support website Apple ID account page and choose Forgot Apple ID or password. Click here.

i have two or more Apple ID icloud accounts, how can i merge the Apple ID accounts?

It is not possible to merge Apple ID accounts, however, it is possible to use Apple Family Sharing to share Photos and app store purchases, by using a Apple Mac computer it is possible to merge contacts, calendars, and Photos or move contacts, calendars, to another Apple ID account.

My Apple Mac computer is using Apple Mac OS Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, i cannot see my icloud drive data, why?

If you have more than one Apple Mac computer signed into the Apple ID account and the computer is running Apple Mac OS Catalina or newer, the older Apple Mac computer will not be able to synchronise your Apple icloud drive data.
Update all computers and devices to the most recent Apple macOS and iOS versions.

How can i view my Apple Photos on the internet?

Visit and sign in with your Apple ID to view your Apple icloud photos.

How can I get in touch with a Apple ID support specialist?

Keith Thomas is a Apple ID specialist and a Apple icloud specialist
To contact Keith Thomas complete the online website contact form

Can a Apple ID account be merged with another Apple ID?

No. It is not possible to merge two Apple ID accounts together. However. It is possible to extract the data from some of the Apple ID iCloud services.

Can the Apple ID be changed?

Yes. It is possible to change the Apple ID account email address that is used with another Apple ID, if the email address is not being used against another Apple ID account.

Can a Apple ID be hacked?

No. However, if you give or share your Apple ID account information to another person, then the Apple ID can be compromised. The Apple ID account has very high security from Apple.

What is the best way to reset or change a Apple ID password?

The best way to reset or to change a Apple ID password is to use a trusted Apple device. The Apple iPhone with a signed in Apple ID account is the most trusted Apple device, followed by an Apple MacBook Air or Apple MacBook Pro with a touch ID.

Is the Apple iCloud Drive safe from any Ransomware Attack?

Whilst their has not been a known ransomware attack on macOS, technically Apple allows any file types to be stored on the Apple iCloud Drive, so a file can become encrypted, but the risk is extremely low.

Use an Apple Time Machine backup to backup a Apple Mac computer to improve your computer security to help safeguard your data.

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