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Apple Mac Security Support Best Guide & Help

One of the Best Apple Mac Computer Security Consultants available to help with Mac OS Computer Security for Apple Mac Computers.

Get Apple Mac Computer Security Help if you think you have been scammed and get help on how to avoid security hacks and scams. Telephone 07800 940756

Apple Mac Computer Security Help Telephone Contact Number: 07800 940756

Apple Mac Computer Security Help Opening Hours and Opening Times: 09:30 am to 20:30 pm. Daily.

Talk to an Apple Mac Computer Security Specialist and a Apple Mac Computer Expert to get Apple Mac Computer Security Help and Apple Mac Computer Security Assistance with Mac OS, Apple iPhone iOS, iMac Computer Security, MacBook Computer Security, Apple ID Security, and Apple iCloud Security.

Apple Mac Security Information by Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist and Mac Security consultant.

Read our guide on the best way how to make your Apple Mac and PC computer safe and secure.

Computer Security Hacks and Scams information by Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist.

Since the 1990 and during 2000 and now in 2022 and in 2023 computer security and scams are popular, and some of the scams today, are well known, but the best way to deal with computer security and to avoid getting scammed, needs planning and thought, most people that get scammed act too quick and do the wrong action, this is common if you use a smartphone as most people seem to think that a text message is not a scam, or a message from Royal Mail or Amazon, or DHL is not a scam. If you get a text or SMS message that you are not expecting then do not reply to the text message or click on any links, its best to find out by contacting the company, to verify the text message, or simply block the text message and report it to Apple, Google, Microsoft!

Six ways in which you can get scammed or hacked today.

  1. A Text message on your smartphone from a bank, company, royal mail, shopping website, Amazon text scam.
  2. Email messages that are bogus and want to you open the email and click on a link.
  3. A Telephone call to a landline or a mobile phone selling products and services, or saying that your computer is slow, or your broadband is slow.
  4. Bank account scams saying that your money is not safe, or an email or text message asking you to contact your bank.
  5. Bogus requests for personal information, and saying that your TV License or Car tax or insurance has not been paid.
  6. Online dating scams on What’s App, WeChat, and other social media platforms.
  7. Calls from BT, Apple, Microsoft, or from Mobile Phone provider when you did not ask for support or technical support.
  8. Telephone calls from BT, Sky, EE, Vodaphone telling you that the service is slow or the account bill has not been paid.

Computer Scams on Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows PC computers.

  • TeamViewer BT scam.
  • 08001076285 scam
  • BT Scam calls about internet connection
  • Slow Broadband scam calls on broadband is not working or the broadband has not been paid.
  • Messages from your computer saying that the gatekeeper has been disabled or your PC or Mac security software is out of date or not working.

How can you tell if an Apple Mac computer has been hacked?

By design, Apple Mac computers are safe and secure, so the chances of your Apple Mac computer being hacked is low, however, if you take a telephone call and allow a computer hacker to get you to install TeamViewer on the Apple Mac or any other Apple Mac remote software, or you are asked to visit a website, then you are simply lowering your guard and your security level.

If you get a telephone call from Apple or from BT, even if the call is genuine, then tell the person that is calling that you are going to end the call, and then you call Apple on 0800 107 6285 or BT on 150, this will stop you from falling or getting trapped into a well-known scam.

How to keep MacOS safe and secure with our Apple Mac Security tips.

Our article on Apple Mac security is ideal for home users and for small businesses that need help on how to keep your Apple Mac computer safe and secure, and need the best Apple Mac security advice and assistance.

Find out the best way to keep your Apple Mac computer safe and secure Read our Apple Mac computer security guide on how to avoid common scams.

If you want the very best Apple MacOS security, then follow the advice from Apple, and from Keith Thomas, simply use the very latest version of MacOS that your Apple Mac computer can support and use. And for the very best Apple Mac computer security, use MacOS Monterey and install of the updates to MacOS Monterey. then if you need to get additional Apple Mac computer software, use the Apple app store to install and to buy or purchase Apple Mac software applications, this will keep MacOS safe and secure on your Apple Mac computer and lower the risk of any Apple Mac Malware infection.

Our Apple Mac security specialists are also able to able to advice on common scans and how to avoid from being scammed or hacked.

In most cases customers contact us after they’ve been hacked or scammed when it is too late!

However, our team of apple security specialists can help ensure that your computer is the protected from further attacks, hacking or scam and we offer a Apple Mac computer security clean up service to go thru all of the common areas on MacOS to make sure the Apple Mac computer is safe and secure.

Learn the Apple Mac Security Basics.

Learning and understanding Apple Mac security for MacOS.

The Apple website has all of the information to need to know about MacOS security you can read the Apple security guide on the Apple security website page from Apple. MacOS Security.

macOS was built with built in computer security in known as macOS Gatekeeper.

The Apple MacOS operating system software was built with security in mind, most Apple Mac computer users get hacked or scammed by a telephone call from a company pretending to be from • Apple • Microsoft • BT British Telecom • Sky Broadband • TalkTalk • EE • Carphone warehouse • Currys • PC World • The Police • TV License • DLVA, etc, the Apple Mac computer is very unlikely to get hacked, a computer user that allows the use of a well-known software tool like TeamViewer to install TeamViewer, can then allow remote access to the MacOS.

The TeamViewer software itself is not Malware, and it is safe to use, for either a commercial or for a free to use non-commercial use.

Do not let a scammer or hacker tell you that you Apple Mac computer is not safe and secure!

If you get a telephone call from any technical support company – it is most likely a scam or a bogus call.

The fact is that the companies like BT, Microsoft, Apple, TalkTalk, Sky, or any other well-known company never telephone customers out of the blue.

So, if you receive a telephone call its most likely to be from a bogus company or computer hacker or a scam call.

The hackers or bogus companies of course want to gain access to your Apple Mac computer with the main focus to gain access to your bank account or try to copy your personal and private information.

macOS Ventura and MacOS Monterey gives the best MacOS security and computer security in 2023 Apple Mac computers

Do not let a scammer or hacker scam you and take your savings!

It is more often that a user of the Apple Mac computer, that allows the machine to be compromised.

If you have a bank account and you have over £10k in savings, and you are using an old PC or an old Apple Mac computer – good luck! it is better to use some of your savings to invest in a new Apple Mac computer that will give you a high level of PC computer security, and protect your savings from a scam.

The Apple Mac OS Catalina and Apple Mac OS Big Sur provide the very best Apple Mac computer security protection for a 2015 to 2021 Mac, and MacOS Monterey 12.3.1 or newer for a newer Apple Mac computer.

With macOS Ventura, Mac Monterey and MacOS Big Sur the macOS computer security and privacy gets even better.

How to protect your Apple Mac computer.

Ask our Apple Mac computer security consultants questions about your Apple Mac computer.

For the best Apple Mac computer security update your Apple Mac computer to the very latest version that your Apple Mac computer hardware supports.

In some cases, it is better to simply purchase a new Apple Mac computer to ensure that you have the very best Apple Mac computer security.

BT British Telecom bogus scam telephone calls and Apple Macs!

Do you have an Apple Mac computer and you have had a call from BT or Apple saying that your internet is slow?

BT or Apple never call customers to say that you have a slow iMac or a slow broadband connection – it is a 100% a scam call.

A common call from BT is to say that in order to fix a slow broadband problem we need to access your home computer. Or from Apple Computer saying that we can help speed up a slow iMac or a slow MacBook Air or slow MacBook Pro laptop computer. Or that your Apple Mac computer has a virus or malware and we need to remote in to fix the problem. Or that your home Wi-Fi wireless network is not secure.

Of course, the bogus scammers know that some people have a slow broadband connection and by gaining access to your home computer or home Apple Mac computer, the hackers often ask to install TeamViewer remote software onto your Apple Mac computer. It is easy for a hacker to find out if a UK address has a slow broadband internet connection speed, and they then focus on trying to scam customers.

Is TeamViewer Remote Software Malware?

No. The TeamViewer Remote software is not Malware, but it is used by computer scammers to gain access to PC and Apple Mac computers.

Ask our Apple Mac computer engineers to help you remove TeamViewer from your Apple Mac computer and to do an Apple Mac computer maintenance health check-up service.

Of course, the TeamViewer software itself is not bogus, however, the hackers and scammers can install further software tools to try to compromise your security.

So, whilst the Apple Mac computer is rather safe and secure the security can be bypassed, if you allow a hacker or a scammer to access your Apple Mac computer!

TV Television License scam text message to your Apple ID.

If you get a text message to your Apple Mac computer or to your iPhone, iPad – Delete it.

The best and easy way to deal with a text message from any company is to just delete it, and do you own research on the text message subject.

UK TV Television License scam messages and calls.

A popular scam is to get a text message from the TV License agency in the UK saying that your direct debit or TV license has not been paid. Again, this is of course a scam and a bogus way of trying to get you to give out your bank details to make a payment to a bogus website.

Sky Broadband telephone call scam to Apple Mac computer users.

Sky Broadband Support do not call customers to offer deals and faster Sky Broadband.

Just like BT, the hackers and scammers know that if they call a uk telephone number they have a high chance that the caller has a Sky Broadband account, again the hackers and scammers tell the story that your Sky broadband service is slow, your broadband router has been hacked, your Sky Broadband is going to be cut off.

Of course, this is a scam telephone call and bogus telephone call. If you get a Telephone call from Sky offering you a better deal or package, or a better broadband speed, its a scam call. If you need a better deal from Sky or a better broadband connection speed, telephone Sky or visit the Sky website to get a better deal or better Sky broadband speed.

How to deal with incoming calls from technology companies!

We treat all incoming calls from unknown people as scam callers – it’s the best way.

The best way how to deal with an incoming telephone call from an unknown company or person.

  • Let the person calling talk first • just say hello, or say nothing • Do not answer questions or confirm your name.
  • If you get a telephone call and the call gets cut off when you answer most likely it is an automated computer calling on a scam system.
  • The scam here is that your telephone rings and the call is dropped as soon as you pick up the phone
  • Of course, the scammers are hoping that your telephone back the number which when makes a high-cost charge to your telephone bill!
  • In many cases the telephone call back goes to a premium rate number and or you will get more scam telephone calls to follow.

Some tips on how to keep your Apple iPhone and Apple ID safe!

Use Apple FaceTime audio if the incoming caller has a Apple iPhone to return a call. You can then then block further calls if the company are trying to sell, or its a scam or unwanted telephone call. If you use Apple FaceTime audio to make outgoing calls you cannot get charged by your mobile phone service provider, if the call was bogus. Apple FaceTime audio is a great way of using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Mac computer to make and receive telephone calls.

• Never give out your name or confirm your full name over the telephone.

• Do not start up a conversation with the person calling.

• Try not to get aggressive or rude or swear at the person calling if you know it’ is a scam call.

• This can make the scammers simply call again and, in most cases, they will become more aggressive.

with MacOS the Apple ID or Apple iCloud control panel or icon in the Apple ID security section will tell you when the Apple ID password was last changed, this can help you with your Apple ID security.

Telephone Call from Apple Technical Support.

The Apple UK Telephone Support number is 0800 107 6285

Almost 100% a scam or bogus Apple Telephone call, Apple only telephones customers that have contacted Apple as a Apple Telephone call back, any talk about money or bank accounts, just end the call, Apple will never ask or talk about money.

If you have made a request for Apple to contact you, only at this point they will call the telephone number that has been given.

Telephone call from Microsoft technical support for Apple Mac Office for Mac 365 Support.

Again, if you get a telephone call from Microsoft technical support saying your computer is slow or your Windows PC has been compromised then of course this is 100% bogus telephone call from a bogus Microsoft company. Or if you get a Telephone call from Microsoft Office for Mac technical support. it is a 100% scam.

Telephone calls from Virgin Media Broadband or TalkTalk or PlusNet Broadband.

If you get a telephone call from Virgin Media or from TalkTalk or from PlusNet its a 100% scam call.

Again, the scammers say we are from Sky • TalkTalk • PlusNet they use a random system of using key company names in order to match a telephone number with a home or end user that might use Sky • BT • TalkTalk • PlusNet • EE • etc..

If you have been hacked or scammed recently on your Apple Mac computer.

Try not to panic, most people that get hacked or scammed, realise the scam and end the call, or switch off your PC personal computer.

Best online bank account security tips from Keith Thomas.

  • The best action would be to make sure that you online bank account username • password • security details are updated regularly, and always after a bogus telephone call or text messages.
  • Make sure that you use the correct website for your bank.
  • Lookup your banks telephone number and make sure you are speaking to your bank and not a scammer if you need to telephone your bank.
  • Most banks put their telephone number on the back of their bank cards use this number.
  • Make sure that your landline or mobile phone number is register with the bank and they do not hold any unknown numbers.
  • Give yourself a twice-yearly own bank account security check and talk to your bank on how to safeguard money, use bonds or bank savings accounts that cannot have money taken out.
  • Only keep a small amount of money in a current account or an instant access account, and safeguard savings with a bond or bank account with limited access.

If your Apple Mac computer has been hacked talk to an Apple Mac computer security specialist on the best way to have your Apple Mac computer operating system software checked.

Top Tips for the general public on how to avoid getting scammed.

Our Apple Mac PC computer security consultants have given 11 tips on how to avoid getting scammed.

  1. BT, Sky, Apple, TalkTalk, Virgin Media do not call customers! the only exception is if you have reported a technical fault with your BT landline or to report a fault with your broadband internet connection.
  2. Any incoming call from BT or Sky, or TalkTalk is most likely to be a bogus telephone call trying to scam or hack into your computer.
  3. Never allow anyone that has called you by telephone, to allow them access to your Apple Mac computer.
  4. Never give out your email address to an unknown caller or provide your email address to an unknown online service.
  5. Make sure that you Apple Mac computer has the newest Apple MacOS operating system software installed.
  6. Have a Apple Mac Time Machine backup for each Apple Mac computer that you use.
  7. Use the Apple iCloud keychain system on all of your Apple devices to allow a unique password for each website or service that you use.
  8. Do not share your Apple ID password or share your Apple ID account with your children, create a Apple ID for each family member.
  9. Consult with a Internet security specialist on how to protect you personal identity online.
  10. Avoid junk emails by using a junk email address or Apple icloud alias email address.
  11. For the best email experience have a personal email address, a professional business email address, and a junk email address for using with Wi-Fi hot spots, for shopping receipts.

How to make your Apple Mac computer safe and secure.

Ask our Apple Mac computer security specialists to help you secure your Apple Mac computer today!

• Uninstall TeamViewer or any other Apple Mac remote computer software that you were asked to install

• Open the Apple System Preferences Security and Privacy control panel and disable any applications that are shown in the Screen Recording panel.

• Disable any applications that are listed in the Microphone or Camera panel.

• Update the Apple Mac OS operating system software and apply all of the Apple Mac computer software updates.

• Reset Apple Mac Safari or Google Chrome web browsers.

• Untick all of the items that might have been ticked in the Sharing icon in the System Preferences dialog box.

For the very best Apple Mac computer security update your Apple Mac computer to the latest Apple MacOS operating system.

If you are using a Apple Mac computer today running Mac OS 10.6.8 macOS line 10.7 macOS mountain line macOS Sierra now it is time to purchase a new Apple Mac computer.

If you consider £1000 for a new Apple Mac computer divide that amount by say 24 months you work out the maths!, it’s a small price to pay for your security! £40 to 45 a month.

How to contact an Apple Mac PC computer security specialist today.

Simply complete our online website contact form to get in touch with Keith Thomas, to get help with Apple Mac PC computer security, or to ask questions on how to keep your Apple Mac computer safe and secure, or get an Apple Mac computer security review for your Apple Mac computer.

To get in touch with Keith Thomas simply complete our online website contact form. You can also telephone 07800 940756 between 09:30 am and 20:30 pm Mondays to Sundays. You can also send a SMS Text Message or Apple iMessage to 07800 940756 between 09:30 am and 20:30 pm.