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BT Mail Technical Support service for Apple Mac customers

BT Mail Support for Apple Mac Computers.

Our Apple Mac computer engineers provide support for BT customers that use Apple mail on the Apple Mac computer.

We provide Apple Mac BT mail support service in the UK United Kingdom by BT mail telephone supportBT mail remote support and BT mail onsite support to our supported areas in and around • SurreyHampshireBerkshireWiltshire and London.

Our Apple Mac Computer engineers provide BT mail technical support service for home users and for small businesses and for companies in the UK United Kingdom.

Our Apple Mac computer specialist provide BT mail technical support service for Apple Mac customers that need independent BT mail technical support.

We provide Apple Mac mail computer training service for BT customers that require Apple Mac computer training on how to use Apple Mac Mail with BT mail services.

Our Apple Mac computer engineers and help with the setup of BT mail on your Apple Mac computer.

Apple Mac BT mail troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Our Apple Mac computer engineers have tested BT mail on Apple Mac mail on macOS Snow Leopard, macOS Lion, macOS High Sierra, macOS El Capitan, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur MacOS Monterey.

Our Apple Mac computer engineers found no problems with the setup of BT mail on the Apple Mac computer, with the correct BT mail password.

A BT account holder might have two passwords with BT one is a BT ID password and another is a BT mail password this can cause some confusion for some customers when resetting a password for the BT email account on which password that needs to be changed.

How to set up BT mail on your Apple Mac computer.

The setup of BT mail on an apple Mac computer is mainly a fully automated process today, only your BT email address and your BT password is required.

The best way how to set up BT email on an apple Mac computer is to use the Internet accounts icon in the System Preferences Control Panel on the Apple Mac computer.

The first task to do is to log onto BT BT webmail, if you cannot log onto BT webmail then the Apple Mac computer Will definitely not work at all with Apple Mac Mail.

BT mail settings for Apple Mac computers.

The image below is showing the server settings for the BT account, the accounts are for residential home user BT Broadband accounts.

How to troubleshoot my BT email is not working on an apple Mac computer.

The accounts image below has the automatic manage connection settings box unticked to show the server settings, normally these boxes are ticked.

Apple Mac Mail Accounts information from macOS Catalina.

BT Internet email issues on Apple Mac computers.

The main problems BT customers have with BT Internet email accounts issues are normally, BT mail account passwords.

Use your BT account ID page to reset your BT email password.

Do not allow BT or anyone else to reset your password for you, this is a very big security risk.

The best way to manage passwords for the Apple Mac computer is that to use the Apple iCloud keychain.

Use Apple Safari to reset your BT account password and then choose the suggested password given, then in Apple Safari use Apple mail system preferences panel to find out the password.

There is no need to write down this password when using the Apple iCloud keychain to suggest a password, the password is encrypted, and Apple cannot read the password.

BT Mail app for Mac.

BT does not produce an application for using BT Mail on a Apple Mac computer, however, if you use an Apple iPhone, you can install Outlook for iOS and setup your BT Mail account on your Apple iPhone. Or you can use your BT Mail account online by login into BT Webmail.

BT Email setting for the Apple iPhone.

The Apple iPhone has an automatic setup for a BT Mail consumer account which us You do not need to enter any technical information to setup BT Email account on an Apple iPhone.

If you are unable to setup BT Mail on your Apple iPhone or BT Mail does not work on the Apple iPhone, then simply restart the iPhone, login to your BT account online using BT Web Mail login to verify that the email address and the password is working ok. If you cannot login to your BT Mail account using BT webmail then contact BT for assistance. Once the BT Mail login works ok online, then try setting up the Apple iPhone again.

If you have all of your emails online including your Inbox, sent Items, Drafts and email folders, you can also delete the BT Mail account settings from your iPhone and try the setup again.

Do you have a lot of emails in your Inbox?

Did you know that the Inbox on any email account works best when the Inbox has a limited number of email messages, the Inbox on an Apple iPhone and Apple Mac computer and also Windows PC computers have different ways to cope with an email account that has a lot of emails in an Inbox.

The Appe iPhone optimises email messages that arrive to only show a limited number of email messages that are downloaded to the Apple iPhone, as you scroll down more messages are loaded, this can help reduce the number of messages on the Apple iPhone if the Inbox is not optimised.

To optimise the Inbox of an Apple Mac computer or a Apple iPhone is done by using the Archive feature. The Archive feature will store email messages into an Archive folder, and for each year a new year folder is created. The idea is that you can use the search command on an Apple Mac computer or on an iPhone to find an email message.

BT Mac mail frequently asked questions.

How to troubleshoot BT email password problems on the Apple Mac computer.

Verify that your BT email address password is working by logging onto the BT webmail service.
Quit Apple mail and use the Internet accounts Control Panel to update BT mail account password.

Are there any major problems with BT mail on the Apple Mac computer?

No. Our Apple Mac Computer engineers have tested macOS Snow Leopard to macOS Big Sur MacOS Monterey and found no major set up problems.
For the best Apple Mac computer experience use macOS Catalina or newer macOS.

What are there BT email settings for Apple iPhone?

The Apple iPhone does not need any technical settings to use a BT mail account on the iPhone.
If you are unable to setup your BT email account on the Apple iPhone, try removing and adding the account on the iPhone.

What are the BT settings for the Apple iPad?

The BT email settings for the Apple iPad are not required when setting up a BT Mail account on the iPad, its automatically done.
However, the settings can be found by using the Apple mail Lookup Tool online.

What are the BT Internet Mac problems?

Apple Mac Mail or the BT Mail service can keep on asking for the BT Mail password to be entered. A solution to the problem seems to be by deleting the BT Mail account on the Apple Mac computer • iPhone • iPad and adding the acct unt again. Verify they you have the correct BT account email password.
The BT Mail email password can be verified from the BT Webmail Login page online. Use this Link.

How to get independent BT technical support for Apple Mac computers?

Keith Thomas is a BT Apple Mac computer specialist that provides independent BT technical support service in the UK.
Complete the website contact form for assistance.

How to troubleshoot BT mail not working on Apple iPhone?

Restart the iPhone and delete the BT email account and add the account again for a IMap account only.

How to set up Apple Mac mail for BT email accounts?

Use the Internet accounts icon in the System Preferences Control Panel to set up a new BT email account on Apple Mac mail.

How to get BT Mail Technical support for your Apple Mac computer?

  • Complete the online website contact form. (open 24 Hours) with 10:30 am to 21:00 pm response times for completed forms sent to us.
  • Our online website contact form only takes a few minutes to complete on your • computer • phone • tablet device.
  • We respond by email: we are open daily from 09:30 am to 20:30 pm • 7 days a week service! including weekends and Sundays!
  • For Apple Product Repairs for Hardware and Apple Service, use the Apple Product Repairs button!
  • Call or Text 07800 940756 lines open 10:30 – 13:00, 14:00 – 17:00, 18:45 – 20:30