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Error 400 Invalid Request Gmail on Apple Mac Computers

Discover how to fix Error 400 invalid request on Gmail for Mac with our comprehensive guide.

Get your Apple Mac Mail back on track by fixing Error 400 invalid request with our easy-to-follow instructions.

Get Help with Error 400 invalid request Gmail on Mac and How to Fix Apple Mac Mail or get a workaround to help with the error 400 invalid request popup dialog box when adding a GMail Google Mail account on a Apple Mac Computer.

Error 400 invalid_request Gmail on Mac | How to Fix Apple Mac Mail

Apple Mac Mail on macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra is giving error 400: invalid request on Apple Mac Mail.

The error 400: Invalid_request means that Google is no longer trusting Apple Mac Mail application on macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, and earlier versions of macOS from macOS Lion to macOS El Capitan, on older Apple Mac computers.

With macOS Lion, macOS El Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra the problem cannot be fixed, repaired or resolved, as the Apple Mac Mail application does not meet or now support the minimum computer security requirements that a Google Gmail account needs.

Is their a workaround that can be done? Yes. But Apple and Google consider this a security risk, however, if you are a home Apple Mac Computer user and you do not have sensitive information and you just need to get email using Apple Mac Mail on an older Apple Mac Computer, at Keith Thomas we can help you setup Apple Mac Mail to work with Google Mail.

Sign in with Google Authorisation Error 400

  • Error 400: invalid_request Gmail on Mac
  • Google Mail Account is not working on Apple Mail Error 400
  • Have you updated your Google Mail Account Gmail password and you are now not able to log into or sign into your Gmail account using Apple Mac Mail on macOS?
  • Are you using a Apple Mac Computer that was made in 2011 or before 2012?
  • Do you need to be able to use Google Mail on your older Apple Mac computer?
  • What is the error message 400 when trying to add or update the Google Mail Password on macOS

How to fix the Error 400 Invalid Request on Apple Mac Computer?

Create an Google Mail App Password to use with Apple Mac Mail on older versions of Apple Mac Mail as a workaround, but this makes a Google Gmail Email account much less secure. The best way to keep your Google Email or GMail account safe would be to update Mac OS if you can or simply buy a new Apple Mac Computer.

  • You have to use a web browser to sign into your Google Account to start to fix the error 400 invalid request.
  • Use 2FA which is two factor authentication as the 1st step to make your Gmail account is secure and safe!
  • Then a Google App Password needs to be created for macOS and Apple Mac Mail from the Google Account webpage.
  • Choose the Change Account Settings from the Google Setting and the Accounts and Import tab
  • Then Choose Other Account Settings.
  • Then Choose the Security option from the left side panel menu.
  • Generate an App Password to use for Apple Mac Mail on older macOS versions.
  • If you need further help and support then simply complete our online website contact form to get either onsite or remote Mac Support assistance from a Apple Support Specialist and a Mac Computer and Google Gmail Support Specialist.

How to get help Apple Support and Google Support from a Apple Support Specialist and a Mac Computer Expert in the UK United Kingdom.

Onsite and Remote Google Support and onsite and Remote Apple Mac Support service is available from Apple Support Specialist and Mac Computer Expert Keith Thomas for help with Apple Mac Mail and help with Google Mail and Google Accounts on macOS for home users and for small businesses that need to get help and assistance with using Google Mail on macOS.

How to get help with Error 400 Invalid Request when using macOS and Apple Mac Mail with a Google Mail or Gmail account.

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Keith Thomas is a Apple Support Specialist and a Mac Computer Expert that provides onsite and remote Apple Mac Computer Support services for both home users, and for small businesses that need onsite or remote macOS Support for Apple Mac Mail and for Google Gmail account. Simply complete our online website contact form to get help and assistance.

Will Apple or Google Fix the Error 400 Message on macOS Mail when trying to add a Google Gmail account or after a Google Mail Password was Reset or Updated?

Keith Thomas Apple Support Specialist Logo

No. Apple and Google will not fix the Error 400 which is mainly due to Google updating their IT Security to not allow any devices, that do not support a more modern security method to be used. However a work around is possible if you need to use a Google Email or Gmail account with earlier versions of macOS El Capitan, macOS Sierra, and macOS High Sierra. But this will make a Gmail account or a Google Account much less secure to use.