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How to fix the problem of No Wi-Fi but have Thunderbolt Bridge

No Wi-Fi but have Thunderbolt Bridge on Apple Mac computer.

How to fix the problem of No Wi-Fi and only a Thunderbolt Bridge service is shown from the Apple Network control settings.

To fix the problems of no Wi-Fi icon on the Apple Mac computer simply remove all of the network panel adaptors and re add them again.

The Apple Mac OS network settings for a home user and for most companies do not need to be changed, however the set service order and the advanced panel on the Wifi settings can help troubleshoot network and wifi network problems.

Apple Network and Apple Wi-Fi FAQ.

Below are some of the questions that our home users and our small business customers are us about Apple networking and Apple Wifi.

Is it better to use Ethernet or use Wi-Fi when both Wi-Fi and Ethernet are available?

Apple still recommends that Ethernet is used if you have the ability of using Ethernet and Wi-Fi network connections.

How can i optimise my wifi network connection on my Apple MacBook Air • MacBook Pro?

Use the Network settings use “set service order” to choose Ethernet or Wi-Fi”, then from the Wi-Fi Advanced panel drag your home or office wifi network to the top of the preferred network list.

How can i improve the Wi-Fi performance on my MacBook Air • MacBook Pro laptop computer?

• Power off and power on your broadband Wi-Fi wireless router for a few minutes and then back on again.
• replace the router with a more modern router newer Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptop have Wi-Fi 6 technology.

How can i use the Network locations on my Apple Mac computer?

Apple have a article to read on the network locations on the Apple MacOS operating system software. Apple Network locations.
• Most home users and small businesses do not need to use network locations the Automatic settings are ok.

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