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How to get the best possible Broadband Speed

Broadband Speed and Apple broadband speed test information by Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist and Mac Computer Engineer.

Getting a better broadband internet speed can be an easy task, or it can take more work to improve to get the best possible broadband speed and a reliable broadband internet connection for your computers, and devices.

How to get the best possible broadband internet connection speed for a home user, or for a small business.

Is your Broadband Internet speed slow or very slow, and you need to boost the performance and internet speed at your home or at your office?

Are you having issues and problems with your broadband internet connection speed, and you want to know how to improve or resolve a slow or very slow broadband internet connection speed at your home or your office?

If your broadband internet speed is slow or very slow, there are a few things that you can check on to find out why the service is slow or very slow. To troubleshoot a slow broadband internet connection speed, need to start with the correct action and tasks to complete.

The top 5 things that you need to do to troubleshoot a slow broadband internet connection speed.

  1. Find out the exact speed of the internet speed that is getting to your home router or business router.
  2. Establish if the problem is outside of your home or office.
  3. Do you have a problem with the routers broadband Wi-Fi speed?
  4. Understand how to troubleshoot a router speed issue or a Wi-Fi speed issue.
  5. Is the broadband internet speed slow on just one device or computer or on all computers?

1. Start with your broadband router.

Did you know that most issues and problems with a slow or very slow broadband internet speed can be resolved by simply restarting your home broadband router, or business broadband router?

When you restart a broadband router usually 3 key things happen, 1. the router cache is reset and the router gets more memory performance, to help with speed. 2. Most modern routers will do a smart Wi-Fi check to see if the Wi-Fi channels are free from Wi-Fi channel interference, this alone can make a broadband internet connection speed slow or very slow. 3. the router can often get a better signal or a more stable signal from the internet service provider. And finally, a router may get a new software update to help with the speed and the performance of a broadband internet connection

2. Check with your internet service provider on the speed that you should be getting.

Ask or find out by using a well know internet speed test tool to with get an estimate on the broadband internet connection speed that is getting to your home or office.

Did you know that your internet service provider can give you the information on the best possible broadband speeds that you home or office can get, most broadband providers have information tools and system that can give an accurate report on the broadband speeds from a postcode, or from a landline number, and also from the address location of the property?

Most modern broadband routers will give a technical report from the routers home website page this is usually found by entering in 192.1681.254 or from webpage search using one of your computers that is connected to your home or business office network.

3. Find out if you have a Wi-Fi performance issue or a broadband speed issue.

A quick way to find out if you have a slow broadband internet speed for a Wi-Fi network is to test the speed and performance using a ethernet cable from the router to a computer, if you have a laptop computer or a desktop computer that is close to your router.

This can be a quick way to see if a slow broadband speed is on a wired ethernet network, or just from a Wi-Fi wireless broadband connection.

Do you have more than one router or you have Wi-Fi Extenders or Wi-Fi Repeaters?

A Wi-Fi Extender or a Wi-Fi Repeater might sound like a good idea, however, in most cases, the design of a Wi-Fi Extender or a Wi-Fi Repeater can cause a Wi-Fi network to give a better Wi-Fi range, but a poor Wi-Fi network speed and Wi-Fi performance.

One of the ways you can help with a Wi-Fi network, if the range is poor, is to consider a newer router that has a much better W-Fi range and performance, or to look at getting a newer solution from a Mesh W-Fi network.

Is the broadband internet speed slow on just one computer or device?

If your home broadband speed is slow only from one PC computer or from one Apple Mac computer, chances are thar the PC computer or Apple Mac computer is infected with a PC computer virus or on a Apple Mac computer Mac Malware.

Did you know that a PC computer or a Apple Mac computer that is infected with a PC computer virus or on a Apple Mac computer Mac Malware, this can cause your other devices on your home or office broadband connection to appear to be slow or very slow?

A simple troubleshooting task is to simply shut down, and switch off a PC computer or Apple Mac computer or a games console, or another device that might be causing a slow broadband internet connection speed on your home or office network.

Where can i get more help and advice for a slow or very slow broadband internet speed?

Use the BT Broadband Checker even if you are not with BT, the Uk fibre network uses BT Open Reach, so if you use Sky Broadband, or TalkTalk Broadband, or EE Broadband, the fibre optic network runs on BT fibre cables, the exception is Virgin Media, which in some areas is using Coax cables to for its broadband fibre network service.

Apple Broadband Speed test.

The best way to do a Apple Broadband Speed test is to see if you can connect the Apple Mac Computer to Ethernet and then use website to check the Apple Broadband speed on your Apple Mac computers. If you have a Apple MacBook, or Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, then a Apple Broadband speed test can be done from your Wi-Fi wireless network connection.

Keith Thomas is an Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows PC Network IT Support specialist and a Wi-Fi network support analyst that helps both home users, and small businesses and companies with both network IT support and Wi-Fi network support service and assistance in the UK. And today this service is done by Remote Mac Support and Remote PC network support.

Broadband internet speeds.

Did you know that broadband internet speeds can vary, and for customers that get broadband service from a street cabinet, can get a lower internet broadband speed after 16:00 pm? Some customers have a slower connection as the broadband internet speeds can be shared with other properties and offices that use a broadband street cabinet that is full, or near full capacity. Tell you broadband internet service provider if you get a poor or bad broadband internet connection speed.

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