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How to Take a Screenshot on Apple Mac Computers in Easy Steps

If you need to know how to Mac Screenshot use Shift and Command 3,4,5,6 keys to capture a Apple Mac Computer screen, the file is saved to the desktop!

Get Help with How to Screenshot on a Apple Mac Computer, from Mac OS Support Specialists and from Appel Mac Computer Experts. Mac OS Screenshot Help.

Find out how to Apple Mac Screenshot on your iMac Computer, How Apple Screenshot on a MacBook or How to Screenshot on a MacBook Air, or How to Screenshot with Mac OS.

Mac OS Has built in Support for Taking a Screenshot on a Apple Mac Computer, and with Mac OS Apple has updated the Mac OS Screenshot built in Mac OS Screenshot Software so you can capture the entire screen, or capsule a pop up dialog box, you can also now do a video screen recording with Mac OS on the newer versions of Mac OS.

How to Screenshot on Mac and Apple Mac Computers.

The best way to screenshot on the Apple Mac Computer is to understand the keys that are used and also understand the types of screenshots that you can take, remember that copying information from online via a Screenshot is often copyright so take care not to use other people’s work and copy from websites.

With MacOS and with the newer and more recent versions of macOS Apple has added easier to use features for Apple Mac Computer Screenshots and for Screen Capture, you can also record and video record the Apple Mac computer screen by using the Apple QuickTime application.

How to Screenshot on MacBook?

With Mac OS and with Apple Mac Computers, if you have an iMac, a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Apple Mac Studio Computer, the same screenshot keys are used, so How to Screenshot on a MacBook is the same way with How to Screenshot on a Apple Mac Computer.

The Quick start guide on How to Screenshot on an Apple Mac Computer.

To quickly capture the enitre Apple Mac Computer Screen use the Shift, then the Command Key, and then press the number 3 key.

Use the following keys to start a Screenshot on the Apple Mac computer: Shift, then the Command Key and the number 4 key to turn the mac screen pointer into a cross cursor.

For a more advanced Apple Mac Computer Screen Capture use the Number 5 Key.

Press the Shift Key, then the Command Key and then the number 5 Key.

By using the 5 key you can choose the screen capture mode to use which is Capture Entire Screen, Capture Selected Window, Capture Selected Portion, or even Record Entire Screen, or Record Selected Portion. use the Options drop down menu to choose more options that are available.

If you use Drobox or you use Microsoft OneDrive for Mac OS then sometimes the Mac OS Screenshots are saved to DropBox or to Microsoft One Drive, you can use the Drobox or Microsoft OneDrive Settings to make sure that a Mac OS Screenshot is again saved to the Mac OS Computer Desktop.

If you use the Apple iCloud Drive Desktop and Documents, the Apple Mac OS Screenshot Files are saved to the Apple iCloud Drive so you can see the Files on an Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, or Online at

Where does an Apple Mac Computer Screenshot file get saved?

When you Capture a Screenshot on the Apple Mac Computer the Apple Mac Computer Screenshot is saved to the Apple Desktop as a PNG Image file. The PNG Image File will open with the Apple Preview application which is part of macOS for further editing or viewing of a saved PNG Image File.

How can I get further tips on MacOS Screenshots?

Apple has a document on how to screenshot on macOS. Called Take a Screenshot Your Apple Mac.

How can I quickly cancel an Apple Computer Screenshot command?

Press the Esc (Escape Key) to cancel an Apple MacOS Computer Screenshot command.

How can I record my Apple Mac Computer Screen?

With macOS Ventura and newer macOS versions, Mac OS Sonoma. The Apple QuickTime Player application can Record the Apple Mac computer screen. Use Shift Command and 5 to get started.

Can I Copy Images and website graphics with a Apple Computer Screenshot?

Yes you can copy anything that is shown on the Apple Mac Computer screen, but the information that you capture might or will be copywrite information. so it is not a good ideal to copy any data online.

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