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MacOS Monterey Support & System Requirements

MacOS Monterey System requirements.

  • iMac late 2015 or newer.
  • Apple MacBook 2016 or newer.
  • MacBook Pro 2015 or newer.
  • MacBook Air 2015 or newer.
  • Apple Mac mini late 2014 or newer.
  • Apple iMac Pro all models.
  • If you have a Apple Mac computer that is 2017 or newer, then MacOS Ventura is the recommended MacOS to use.

Get Help with Mac OS Monterey and find out which Apple Mac Computers can run and Support Mac OS Monterey, Telephone or Apple Text 07800 940756

MacOS Monterey was released to the public on the 24th October 2021 the next MacOS Ventura was announced at the June 2022 Apple Event for a late 2022 release date. macOS Sonoma is the next macOS for newer Apple Mac Computers.

MacOS Ventura will be the replacement for MacOS Monterey, MacOS Ventura system requirements are in general all Apple Mac computers that were manufactured from 2017 or newer.

Apple MacOS Monterey is the current MacOS replacement for MacOS Big Sur for some Apple Mac Computers. MacOS Ventura is now available for most 2017 or newer Apple Mac computers and is the recommended MacOS for best MacOS performance!

macOS Monterey FAQ questions and answers by Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for installing macOS Monterey?

iMac late 2015 or newer.
Apple MacBook 2016 or newer.
MacBook Pro 2015 or newer.
MacBook Air 2015 or newer.
Apple Mac mini late 2014 or newer.
Apple iMac Pro all models.
38.50Gb of free storage space is needed to install macOS Monterey.

When was Mac OS Monterey Launched?

Mac OS Monterey was announced at the Apple WWDC 2021 event and MacOS Monterey was released on the 24th of October 2021.

Apple MacOS Monterey will be replaced with MacOS Ventura on the 24th October 2022 or soon after this date.

How can I Upgrade to macOS Monterey?

Upgrading from an earlier macOS operating system software to macOS Monterey can be done from the Software update control panel if MacOS Mojave or MacOS Catalina or MacOS Big Sur is installed. Or from the Apple app store via the Apple website page how to upgrade MacOS, Apple has made a link to download MacOS Monterey from the Apple application store online.

Which iOS version is recommended to use with macOS Monterey?

iOS 14 or iOS 15 is recommended to support macOS Monterey, iOS 16 is also recommended for use with macOS Monterey and also for macOS Ventura.

Where can I get MacOS Monterey Help and Mac OS Monterey Support Near Me?

Keith Thomas provides On-Site and Remote MacOS Monterey Support service near you in most areas and locations in London, Central London, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, and to some areas in Dorset and Somerset.

Mac OS Monterey Remote Mac Support Service is available from 09:30 am to 20:30 pm. Daily. Telephone Keith Thomas on 07800 940756 or send a Apple Text Message to 07800 940756 or complete our simply website contact form.

Why upgrade to Mac OS Monterey?

The advice from Apple Computer UK and from Keith Thomas is to use the most recent Mac OS operating system software that your Apple Mac computer can support and use. This will give you the best computer security for a home user or for a company that needs to use a Apple Mac computer.

If you are using an Apple Mac computer for finance or you are a company director or anyone that need to take PC computer seriously, then consider a new Apple Mac computer purchase if you’re existing or currently Apple Mac computer dies not meet the minimum system requirements to use Mac OS Monterey.

Keith Thomas is a Apple Mac consultant that worked for Apple Computer UK, and now provides onsite • remote • and telephone Apple Mac computer support services in the UK.

How to get in touch with Keith Thomas macOS specialist?

Do you have questions about Mac OS Monterey or about Apple or Apple computer and Mac OS?

Keith Thomas is a Apple Mac OS computer software engineer and a Apple Mac OS specialist that worked for Apple Computer UK, and now provides a same day and a same hour Remote Apple Mac IT support service for home Apple Mac computer users, and for Apple Store customers in the UK. And also for Curry’s PC World and for John Lewis and Peter Jones and Harrods Apple retail store customers. We also assist Apple authorised service centres and the Apple stores in the UK with independent Apple Mac support and Apple Mac computer consultancy service.