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Microsoft Edge Support for Apple Mac Computers

Microsoft Edge Support by Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist and PC and Mac Computer Expert.

Microsoft Edge is available for both Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC computers, and also for Apple Mac Computers, one of the benefits in using Microsoft Edge on a Apple Mac computer vs Apple Safari is that if you use an Android Phone, then the bookmarks and user manes and passwords for websites can synchronize between Apple Macs and Android smartphones. One of the main reasons for Microsoft Edge is so that Microsoft can start to promote advertising services from news feeds that are on Microsoft start home page.

Microsoft Edge Support for Apple Mac Computers.

Keith Thomas provides Microsoft Edge Support for Apple Mac Computer users, and for PC computer users, that need help with using Microsoft Edge on their Apple iMac desktop PC computer or on a Apple MacBook Air, Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer.

Get Microsoft Edge Support for your Apple Mac computer.

Find out more about using Microsoft Edge on your Apple Mac computer.

Microsoft Edge by Microsoft is a website browser that is available for every or most computer platforms, including, Microsoft Windows 11, Microsoft Windows 10, Android devices, Linux and for macOS computers that are running macOS High Sierra or newer macOS.

Why use Microsoft Edge on an Apple Mac computer?

One of the main and key reasons why you should use, or consider to use Microsoft Edge on a Apple Mac computer, is that if you have other devices that are not Apple or macOS, for example an android smartphone.

If you have an Android 10 or Android 11 or 12 smartphone and you need to synchronise you bookmarks and passwords for websites, using Microsoft Edge on macOS can make sense, and can also save time, as the Microsoft Edge passwords from a Microsoft OneDrive account can and will synchronise nicely on a Apple Mac computer and with a Android smartphone device, and also with a Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC computer.

How to get Microsoft Edge for macOS?

Visit the Microsoft Edge website support page to download Microsoft Edge for Apple Mac OS. Link here.

Microsoft Edge vs Apple Mac Safari.

For most computer users, using Apple Mac Safari is ideal if all of your devices are Apple Mac computers, or you use an Apple iPhone or Apple iPad device.

The Apple iCloud service is ideal if you want to synchronise your Safari Bookmarks and Apple iCloud Keychain passwords and website passwords between your Apple Mac computer and your signed in devices which use the same Apple ID. If one of your devices is a Microsoft Windows PC computer or a Android device, then using Microsoft Edge in lieu or with Apple Mac Safari can make sense, and easier to synchronise your favourites, bookmarks, and passwords between Apple Mac and Android and a Apple iPhone, Apple iPad. Microsoft Edge is available from the Apple app store for iPhone and Apple iPad devices.

Apple Mac Support, By Keith Thomas provides a same day and a same hour Apple Mac computer IT Support and Apple Mac computer consultancy service for both home users, and for Apple store UK customers that need professional and expert Apple Mac computer help, support and assistance service.

If you use Microsoft Edge for MacOS why not also consider Microsoft OneDrive for macOS too?

For the best Microsoft Edge experience on the Apple Mac computer, you can sign into or create a free Microsoft OneDrive account so you can keep your Microsoft Edge bookmarks, and Microsoft OneDrive passwords in the Microsoft Cloud.

Did you also know that you can use Microsoft OneDrive and also Apple iCloud Drive on the same Apple Mac computer user login profile, and you can copy files and folders between Microsoft OneDrive and Apple iCloud drive, simply by using the macOS finder new Windows option to make copying files, folders, and documents between Microsoft OneDrive and Apple iCloud Drive.

You can also use a Apple Mac Computer that has both Apple Safari which is built into MacOS, and is updated with MacOS updates, and also have Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome installed on the same Apple Mac computer, for the best performance on a Apple Mac computetr that has limited memory or has a mechanical storage volume it is best to only have one internet browser open, as the Apple Mac computer memory can become under optimised, causing an older Apple Mac computer to appear to be slow or very slow.

How to get Apple Mac Support for your Apple Mac computer.

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  • Our online website contact form only takes a few minutes to complete on your • computer • phone • tablet device.
  • We respond by email: we are open daily from 09:30 am to 20:30 pm • 7 days a week service! including weekends and Sundays!
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