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Visit and Discover Salisbury, England, UK

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Computer Consultants Salisbury

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Salisbury, England, UK, United Kingdom

Discover and Visit Salisbury, UK England

Discover and visit the City of Salisbury, UK, England, Salisbury is a market City, with shops and restaurants, and the Salisbury Church and the Salisbury Cathedral is the top and main attraction for Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK England, if you need to find accommodation in Salisbury, then you have a few places to use, one of the best places that you can stay, but is based outside of Salisbury, is the Holiday Inn Hotel Stonehenge, based in Amesbury, Wiltshire, and has one of the best restaurants and pan Asian foods that you can enjoy.

Things to do in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

Apart from the Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury has a few pubs, and a few places to eat and to drink, as Salisbury is a market city, then shopping is popular on market days in the main Salisbury square of the City of Salisbury, Salisbury has a park and a riverside walk, you can find Boots, TK Maxx, Lloyds Bank, Nationwide, Santander, NatWest Banks, and Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Pizza, and English food in Salisbury, if you need Coffee then Pret Salisbury, or Costa Salisbury.

Visit Salisbury Cathedral

Visit Salisbury Cathedral, which is open all year round, you will need to pay the enter the Salisbury Cathedral, unless you are visiting the church for a service at the Salisbury Cathedral service times, if you live in Salisbury SP1 or SP2 Postcode you can visit the church for free. it costs about £12 to pay to visit the church. The Church has a large grass areas that you can use, and you can walk around the church for free, you can even visit the Salisbury church coffee shop, and nearby is the Salisbury Army Museum and a Café that you can visit.

Salisbury District Hospital

Salisbury has a large hospital with A&E and is open 24 hours a day, Salisbury also has a Salisbury Walk in NHS centre which you can use, if you are planning to live or work in Salisbury then the Salisbury District Hospital does rather well for NHS Healthcare and for NHS Appointments in Salisbury. You can get to Salisbury District Hospital by Car or you can get the Salisbury Reds Bus from the Salisbury main square, or you can drive to the Salisbury Hospital by car.

Need a Taxi in Salisbury?

If you need a Taxi in Salisbury, or you need to book a mini cab in Salisbury, then you have a few choices and options that you can use, one of the best ones to use the all the sevens Taxi service in Salisbury. All the sevens offer Taxis from Salisbury Train Station to Salisbury Hospital, or from Salisbury City Centre to Stonehenge, or you can even book and get a Salisbury to Heathrow Airport Taxi service, as getting from Salisbury to London Heathrow by car and by Taxi can take 1.5 to 2 hours.

Salisbury Train Station for Trains to London and to Southampton.

The Salisbury Train Station is a 10 to 15 minutes walk from the main Salisbury City square, Salisbury station also has car parking and also has a Salisbury station Café, if you need to get Tea, or Coffee, at the train station, if you need to get to London, then the South West Trains service from Salisbury to London Waterloo, takes about 1.5 hours, or you can also get a National Express coach from Salisbury to London Victoria, but the coach only runs once a day in the morning time.

Bus Travel in Salisbury with Salisbury Reds and Salisbury Park and Ride.

The Salisbury Bus service run by the Go Ahead Group, Salisbury Reds, has busses to the key locations in and around Salisbury, one of the popular routes is the Salisbury to Amesbury X4 service, and Salisbury has a few park and ride Busses to the City Centre of Salisbury, you can park you car for free at any of the Salisbury Park and Ride car parks and then pay via contactless card or you can still pay in cash for the Salisbury park and ride bus service in to the City centre of Salisbury.

Hotels in Salisbury.

Holiday Inn Salisbury and the Stones Hotel near Salisbury.

If you are looking for a Hotel in Salisbury and you need to find a 5 star hotel or a 4 star hotel in Salisbury, Wiltshire, then you have a few choices with the 4 star hotel just outside of Salisbury at the Stones Hotel based in a location on the A345 in High post. The Stones Hotel has a large car park, and is ideal if you are visiting Salisbury or you need a place to stay if you are visiting Stonehenge and the stones at Salisbury, then you have the Holiday Inn based in Amesbury, and about 9 miles from the City of Salisbury, The Holiday Inn Amesbury has one of the best EV Car Charging Parks near to Salisbury with the Holiday Inn Tesla Fast and Rapid charging, and also nearby you have more car charging locations near the Holiday Inn Stonehenge Hotel located at the Greggs and the rather new Taco Bell Amesbury food location. If you need to find a more budget Hotel in and near to Salisbury, then you can look at the Premier Inn Salisbury, the Premier Inn Hotel for Salisbury has two locations that you can use, one at the Premier Inn South Milford Hotel, and another one at Premier Inn North Bishopdown.

Health Care and Beauty Salons in Salisbury.

if you need to get medical skin care in Salisbury, or you need to get a Botox in Salisbury, then you have a few places and choices that you can find and use, if you need to get a Hollywood, or a Brazilian Wax, or you need to get Hot Wax, (Less pain skin care treatment, or you need to get a skin care and skincare health consultation in Salisbury then you can try Salisbury aesthetics for medial skin care, and for Microblading, Ombre Brows, Lip Lush, Lip Liner, and for Dermal skin care, and for face and facial and for a deep clean face, clean, tone, Exfoliation, steam, Mask and face massage. or if you need to get and find a Nail Salon in Salisbury for a hand manicure, or for a shellac Manicure, or a luxury Manicure with a collagen mask, or you need feet and foot care for a Spa Pedicure, or you need to get a take off service, then you can find Health Care and Beauty Saloons in Salisbury.

Salisbury to London Medial Aesthetics consultation.

If you are in Salisbury and you need to visit London, or you need to find and get the best Medial Aesthetics skin care and skincare medial treatments in London, then you can try Pure Skin UK, Pure skin are one of the best for medical aesthetics and for skin care and for medical skin care treatments in London, based in London Marylebone, and near to London Mayfair and London Oxford Street, they specialise in Chinese and for Korean skin, so if you are visiting Salisbury and you can travel to London then you can get the very best skin care and Beauty skin care treatments outside of Salisbury.

Do you need Computer Help and IT Support Service in Salisbury?

If you need to get Computer Help and IT Support service in Salisbury, then you can get help with your Apple Mac Computer, or you can get help with your Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, or you can get help if you have purchased a new Apple Mac computer from Currys Salisbury, or if you have collected a new Apple Mac computer from Waitrose Salisbury, or you have collected a new Apple Mac computer from the Apple Store online, or you need to get help if you have purchased a new iPhone from the EE Store Salisbury, or from Vodaphone Salisbury, then you can get on site IT Support and on site Apple Support at Apple Help in Salisbury from Keith Thomas.