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Best Skin Care Curated by Skin Care Professional

Best skin care help and advice, and how to look after you skin, get skin care tips for women and for men, or get find out about skin care treatments in Marylebone London at the Pure Skin Clinic.

Skin Care for Skin curated by Skin Aesthetics Professional.

If you want the best looking skin and you are keen to care for your skin, then our best skin care information has can give you the very best skin care professional information written by Keith Thomas and curated by skin care aesthetics medical professional consultant in London, Marylebone, Mayfair, and near to Harley Street London.

Skin Care Basics by written by Keith Thomas and curated by skin care professional.

  • Care for Skin.
  • Skin Care Routine.
  • Daily Skin care.
  • Ordinary skin care.
  • Natural skin care.
  • Aesthetic skin care.
  • Routine for skin care.
  • Best skin care products to use.
  • Skin care product to try.
  • Women’s skin care.
  • Men’s skin care.
  • Skin care fridge.
  • Korean skin care.
  • Best skin care tips.

Care for Skin.

  • Cleaning.
  • Moisturising.
  • Sun Projection.
  • Stay Hydrated.
  • Health Lifestyle Choices.
  • Best Possible Sleep.

1. Cleaning the Skin.

Keeping the skin clean is essential for care for skin, as well as keeping the skin moist, and to also protect the skin from too much sun, and of course one of the best ways to look after your skin is to keen hydrated, and for Keith Thomas, that means water, and sparking water is one of my favourite drinks, and choosing a healthy lifestyle which is eating the best fruits, and foods that the skin needs for the best possible skin care. and the body can only repair skin from sleep. You can get more professional help from a dermatologist that can help you with skincare, and some of the best dermatologists are in London, Mayfair, and in Harley Street, Marylebone, London.

2. Moisturising.

Keep the skin moist one of the natural ways is to drink water, coconut water, and to have a healthy food diet plan, with lots of fruits and vegetables, and also nuts, and foods that help the skin, then you can use creams and moisturising cream after a bath or after a shower, as water can dry out the skin. And if you eat water rich foods like watermelon, kiwi, oranges, cucumber, and other fruits and foods then you can have natural moist skin.

3. Sun Projection.

Too much sun is not good for the sun, and one way to help is to use sun cream, however, too much cream, or not enough sun, means that vitamin D levels can become low, so the best plan is to have a balance of getting enough sun and not to get sunburn.

4. Stay Hydrated.

Drink water often to stay Hydrated, which is 250ml of water about 8 times a day, and drink a bit more in hot weather, and add some drops of lemon, lime, ginger, Apple Cider Vinegar to the water, to add essential minerals, as too much water can also have a negative effect on your health and deplete magnesium and zinc. And if you like milk, then milk can be better then water, as milk has electrolytes and carbohydrates and protein which all helps to stay hydrated.

5. Health Lifestyle Choices.

Avoid smoking, alcohol, and avoid junk foods if you want the best skin and best looking skin, by choosing a Health Lifestyle choice you can have great looking skin.

6. Best Possible Sleep.

The Body needs the Sleep to repair the skin, and to get the best possible sleep, for Keith Thomas, he gets the best possible sleep by drinking water when waking up, and drink water until about 20:00 pm, then sleep at 22:00 pm, by not drinking water after 20:00 pm, this gives Keith Thomas much better sleep, and stops him from waking up at night.

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Care for my own Skin – Keith Thomas.

Considering my age, my skin is quite good, and it has improved significantly since 2019. For Keith Thomas, the best skincare routine was simply eating right, adhering to a diet free from junk food, alcohol, sugar, and processed items. I used to weigh 75kg, but now, without any gym or workout, I weigh nearly 50kg.

The most noticeable impact of this weight loss is the need for new clothes and the relief of weight from my legs. For my skin, I drink water, lemon water, and apple cider vinegar mixed with lemon juice, which surprisingly tastes like beer in the morning.

Keith Thomas humorously suggests reading the ingredients on skincare products and instead, eating the actual fruit, such as kiwi, lemon, avocado, strawberries, and nuts, of course for women skin care products add elegancy to your skin.

Contrary to the belief that nuts are fattening, I can eat plenty without gaining weight. Reading food labels reveals that some fats are necessary and healthy. With my 100% food-based diet plan, I never feel too hungry.

Care for Skin.

The skin comprises about 30% water, making hydration one of the best ways to care for it. However, excessive water intake can lead to a depletion of essential minerals and electrolytes. To replenish these, one can turn to coconut water, milk, and other beverages rich in magnesium. Personally, I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin, with fewer wrinkles for my age, after discovering that tap water with lemon and lime juice, along with milk, benefits me. I steer clear of sports drinks and low-calorie beverages as they often contain artificial sugars, which I avoid.

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I have skincare questions that I need help with, Where can I get Help?

The skincare advice from Keith Thomas, is simple, give your body the best possible foods, and water, and of course smoking, junk food, which is anything from a cardboard box usually is junk food. You can book session with a skincare and healthcare aesthetics professional for advice, this service costs £2.50 pence per minute to get professional skincare help and advice. Simply complete my contact form so we can put you in touch with a skincare professional or we can reply to your questions, you need to pay for 15 minutes to help skincare telephone help and advice.