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Surrey, England, UK United Kingdom

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Motorsports Photography by Keith-Thomas

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Things to do in Surrey, England, UK

Addlestone, Surrey, UK England

Addlestone Surrey has Topgolf Surrey, with one of the best Golf Courses that you can find just outside of London, for Golf, and for Bar drinks, and for entertainment that is open to 23:00 pm, with events that you can enjoy, in Addlestone Surrey.

Guildford Surrey, UK England

Guildford Surrey is today a student town and Student City, with a vibrant restaurants and things to do in Guildford Surrey, you have the Guildford Park and Ride as driving a car in Guildford is no fun, Guildford has shops and two indoor shopping areas, with places to eat and food and restaurants in the city of Guildford.

Oxshott Surrey, England

If you are looking for a new home, or homes in Surrey, then Oxshott has the best homes that you can buy, you will need to have a few million pounds in the bank if you want to find a new home or new homes in Oxshott Surrey, England, or you can build you own new home from an Oxshott property developer.

Cobham Surrey, UK, England

Cobham, Surrey, UK, England is a small town, with high street shops, and a Sainsburys in Cobham, and a Waitrose in Cobham, and is a popular place to live if you like to be near to London and also near to Surrey, Cobham has good access to the M3, the A3, and also good access to the M25, for Heathrow Airport.

Surrey, England, UK written by Keith Thomas.

Keith Thomas is one of the Best known people in Surrey for Apple IT Support service and for on site Apple Mac Computer IT Support service based in Surrey, for rapid on site IT Support to Oxshott, Cobham, Weybridge, Guildford, Egham, Heathrow Airport, Virginia Water, Wentworth, and also to Windlesham, Camberley, Woking, Send, Bisley, and even to Haslemere Surrey, Keith Thomas provides one of the best mobile Apple Mac computer IT support services in Surrey, UK, England since 2005, and from 2019 to 2024 and beyond can now also offer and provide one of the best Apple Telephone, adn Apple Remote IT Support services in Surrey, and I hope you like my Surrey, England UK information written by me Keith Thomas. If you are new to Surrey, and you book a visit with Keith Thomas, then you can get your Apple IT issues and problems sorted and also find out more about Surrey, England UK, if you are keen to find Things to do in Surrey.

Book Afternoon Tea or Afternoon Coffee with Keith Thomas.

If you are in Surrey, Oxshott, Windlesham, Cobham, Guildford, and you like Tea or Coffee, then you can book Afternoon Tea with Keith Thomas, to talk about Apple and to get Apple IT Support, you can ask Keith Thomas questions, and you can get your IT Support issues in Surrey, resolved. Keith Thomas has over 32 years of Apple IT Support service skills from my work at Apple Computer UK, based in Uxbridge, and since 2010 Keith Thomas has provided Apple IT Support service for 100s to over 5000 or more customers, for one of the best on site Apple at home, Apple at work, and Apple Home visit services in Surrey.

The University of Surrey.

The University of Surrey is based in the City of Guildford, and is popular if you are from China, or you are from Singapore, Guildford, Surrey, England is now a popular student City and the University of Guildford has great links for getting to London, from Guildford. The University of Guildford location and address is Stag Hill, University Campus, Guildford GU2 7XH. Keith Thomas has done IT Support for the University of Surrey for Students and also for staff at the University that needed on site Apple IT Support and Apple Mac computer help service. Keith Thomas can provide Apple Help and Apple Support service either at the University of Surrey, or at your home or at your office.

Hotels in Surrey, England, UK.

Surrey has some of the Best 3 Star, 4 Star and 5 Star Hotels in Surrey.

If you need to find a Hotel in Surrey, and you need to get either student accommodation, or you need to get and find a 5 star Hotel in Surrey, then you have many places that you can choose, from reasonable priced accommodation from Travelodge in Surrey, with locations in Camberley, Guildford, and a few Holiday Inns, to luxury 5 star hotels and of you like cars and you like Mercedes Bens, then the Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge is for you.

The Brooklands Hotel and SPA for the Best 5 Star Hotel in Surrey, England, UK.

The Brooklands Hotel is a modern hotel, that is located in Brookland, on the site of the Brooklands race track, and is located at the Mercedes Benz world, Weybridge, Brooklands, the Brooklands Hotel address is Brooklands Hotel, Brooklands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0SL, United Kingdom.

4 Star Hotel in Surrey, Camberley, Frimley.

If you need a 4 Star Hotel that has a swimming pool then the Frimley Hall Hotel in Camberley, and near to Frimley is one of the best 4 Star Hotels that you can find in Surrey, with free car parking, and free access to the Gym, and free use of the swimming pool, and if you are getting married and you are looking for a wedding venue in Surrey, then the Frimley Hall Hotel and SPA might be for you, with the luxury SPA and for for some of the best foods and drinks that you can get in Surrey.

3 Star Hotels and Student Accommodation in Surrey.

If you need to find and get a 3 star hotel or you need to get student accommodation in Surrey, then Camberley, Guildford, Woking, or even in Farnborough, Hampshire, can be some of the places that you can find Travelodge Camberley, near to the Camberley Train Station, and the Travelodge near to the A30 Camberley near to the Meadows Camberley, Tesco’s and Meadows Marks and Spencer’s, you can also find a the Premier Inn in Sandhurst, Berkshire, a stones distance away from Camberley Surrey. You can also find the Village Hotel in Farnborough near to Camberley, Surrey, and is one of the best hotels with a great gym and a modern swimming pool, and coffee and bar food snacks for you to enjoy, and quick access to the M3 Motorway, or ideal if you are flying into Farnborough Airport near to Surrey, in Hampshire.

More Golf in Surrey and Golf Ranges in Surrey.

If you like Golf Surrey has a lot of places for Golf in Surrey, with the Wentworth Golf in Sunningdale, Berkshire, a stones distance away from Surrey, and Windlesham Golf Club right next to the A30 near to the Garden Centre and just off the main road to the M3, The Windlesham Golf Club has a bar and bar snacks and food and drinks that you can enjoy, if you need to find a Golf range in Surrey, then also in Camberley near to the A30 is the Camberley Golf range The Pine Ridge Golf Range which has a bar and you can get bar snacks and bar foods, you can even play pool and you can drink outside, and there is plenty of car parking available.

Things to do in Surrey This Weekend.

Surrey has many things to do each weekend, if you like shopping, parks, or you like to travel to Guildford for the Guildford Cathedral, or if you need shopping then you can try Camberley, or you can try Brooklands Mercedes Benz World, or you can try swimming in Guildford at the Guildford Leisure centre or the Guildford Lido, or you can visit the Surrey Hills in Guildford, or take a trip to Haslemere, Surrey for the countryside, if you like parks and the outdoors then you can visit the Great Windsor Park near to Surrey, Egham located at Virginia Water. with Surrey, England there are a lot of things that you can do this weekend at any weekend.

Or you can get IT Support and Apple IT Support service in Surrey from Keith Thomas.

If you need to find and get IT Support in Surrey, in Oxshott, Guildford, Working, Weybridge, Camberley, or even in Haslemere or in Addlestone, or even in Staines in Surrey, then you can get in touch with Keith Thomas for on site Apple IT Support and for on site Apple Mac computer help and for on site iPhone and for on site Apple iPad support service and assistance.