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This connection is not Private Safari

Mac OS El Capitan 10.11 and MacOS Sierra 10.12 Safari error message information.

Are you getting a message from Apple Mac Safari saying that This website may be impersonating “website url” to steal your personal or financial information You should go back to the previous page.

The message that comes up when you visit a website and the Apple Mac Safari website browser software is warning you that the website is not secure to visit.

If you are visiting a commercial website, these problems are often resolved quickly, however to find out about the website using Apple Mac OS Safari click on the padlock icon so you can view more information on the website that you are trying to visit.

The Apple mac computer will give a warning message saying that This connection is not private when you click on a website that uses SSL (secure socket layer encryption over hypertext transport layer security known as HTTPS.

The Apple Mac OS computer has a list of trusted certificates built into the Mac OS operating system software. With MacOS El Capitan 10.11 and Mac OS Sierra 10.12 the certificates are not always updated and some websites will give the message of This connection is not private when using Mac OS El Capitan and MacOS Sierra.

Newer versions of Mac OS can update the trusted certificates without any Apple Mac computer maintenance.

DST Root CA x3 Expired September 2021

One of the key certificates from Let’s Encrypt expired on the 30th of September 2021 which has caused Apple Mac computers that to stop working with many websites that use the DST Root CA x 3 Trusted certificate. The Let’s Encrypt website has posted a solution with a new trusted certificate which can be installed into Mac OS El Capitan and MacOS Sierra.

However, a better solution would be to simply update Apple Mac OS El Capitan to Mac OS High Sierra or newer Mac OS, depending on two key factors. That the Apple Mac computer third party software applications on Mac OS El Capitan are mainly 32 bit, and a 64 bit version is needed for Mac OS Catalina or newer Mac OS. And they the Apple Mac computer hardware technical specification can meet the system requirements of a newer 64 bit Mac OS operating system software version.

30th September 2021 and Let’s Encrypt issue and problem is the main root cause.

A major certificate provider expired the DST Root CA x3 certificate on the 30th of September 2021, however, a new trusted certificate is available from Let’s Encrypt which can be used with Mac OS El Capitan and Mac OS Sierra and also with more recent versions of MacOS that need a new trusted certificate.

How to fix the problem of “This connection is not private on Mac OS?

  1. Make sure that you date and time on your Apple Mac computer is correct.
  2. Update the Apple Mac OS system software with all of the updates available from Apple.
  3. Review which certificate is not working.
  4. Look at the Apple Support website and review the List of available trusted root certificates here.
  5. Obtain a new certificate to import into the Apple Keychain system which controls the trusted certificates.

Apple Mac OS Keychain Support.

The Apple Mac OS Keychain system is where you can import or install a new trusted certificate from a trusted certificate provider.

Most major websites will obtain a new trusted certificate and the Mac OS Safari will simply work and no error message is shown when you visit a website that is using HTTPS and the certificate is valid and has not expired.

Keith Thomas is a Apple Mac Support specialist that worked for Apple Computer UK, and now provides a same day and a same hour Apple Mac IT Support service for Home Mac users, Apple Store UK customers, John Lewis and Peter Jones retail store customers, and for small businesses and companies that need a same day and a same hour Apple Mac Support service for their Apple iMac desktop computer or for their Apple MacBook Air, Apple MacBook Pro computer.

How to get Mac OS Safari Support.

Keith Thomas provides a same day and a same hour Apple Mac OS Safari support service and general Apple Mac Keychain support for customers that need help with upgrading Mac OS and assistance with fixing and resolving the problem of “The connection is not private” in Mac OS Safari.

How can the problem of the error message “This connection is not Private in Mac OS Safari” be fixed or resolved?

The best way to resolve the error message of “This connection is not Private Mac OS Safari” is by updating the MacOS operating system software to MacOS High Sierra or newer MacOS. You can also obtain a new root certificate or set Apple Mac Safari to trust the website that you are trying to visit, but this is not recommended.

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