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Andover Postcodes

All Andover Postcodes start with SP10, SP10 1

Things to do in Andover, Hampshire UK, England.

Love Andover, UK Hampshire.

Andover, UK, Hampshire, is located in Hampshire, and is known as the Test Valley, Andover has a few things to do, but shopping can be limited if you like branded brands and designer clothing, but then you have TK Max next to Currys Andover and near to the McDonalds Andover, which is outside of the main town centre, you can find a few pubs and places to eat in Andover, and Andover has a Fish and Chip shop, Indian, and a Chinese take away in Andover town centre.

Andover Waitrose and Car Parking.

Andover has Waitrose store which is right next to the Chantry Centre Car Park, and is a few steps away from the Anton River, if you are a Waitrose member, you can buy a banana and if you have your own cup, then you can get a free drink at the store, this is ideal if you are not keen to spend £3.95 for a quick coffee in Andover. Andover Waitrose.

Andover College & Andover Leisure Centre.

The Andover College and the Andover Leisure Centre are popular for students and for the younger people, and the Andover College has the Beauty and Hair Salon which is open for the public to use to book a hair cut and for a new hair style cut for both men and for women.

Shopping in Andover UK Hampshire.

Andover has both outdoor shops and a indoor shopping centre, sadly, a lot of the shops are closed, and there is a lack of branded stores in Andover, if you need to buy a computer, or get technology in Andover, then you are very limited to having to get to the Currys Andover store, which is too far to walk, and is not in Andover, or if you need clothes then you have the Andover retail park, with Next and with the range store in Andover. if you have a car or you can walk, then ok, but you might need to use an Andover Taxi. Andover for food and for groceries has Waitrose Andover, Tesco’s Andover, Lidl Andover.

Andover Leisure Centre.

The Andover Leisure Centre is open for the general public to use, and is located on the campus of Andover College and the Andover Technology centre for students, The leisure centre has a gym and a swimming pool and also a mini play centre for children to use, and a climbing sports feature, you can use the Andover Leisure Centre on a pay as you go basis or you can have a monthly membership, if you work, or if you are visiting Andover, you can use the Andover Leisure centre, if you register with the centre. If you need swimming in Andover, then Places Andover has a swimming pool, but you need to make sure that you book or visit at the right times, as the swimming pool is only open at certain times and you can find out from the Andover Places website to either book a swimming session or view the website for the swimming timetable.

The Wellbeing Hub in Andover by Emily the Physio.

The Wellbeing Hub in Andover by Emily the Physio is one of the best places for women to get help with Health care and Physiotherapy in Andover, Test Valley, Hampshire, UK, you can get help with Women’s Health Physiotherapy, you can get a massage in Andover, and you can get personal training in Andover with Yoga, Pilates, and you can join in the circuits classes, and you get help with Blood testing, Diet and nutrition help and advise, and you can join a wellbeing workshop and workshops and of course a lot more. You can find the Andover Wellbeing Hub at The Wellbeing Hub, Watling House, East Anton Court, Andover, Hampshire, Postcode SP10 5RG

Hotels in Andover.

Where can I find a 4 or 5 Star Hotel in Andover, Hampshire, UK?

If you need to find a 4 stat hotel in Andover, UK, England or a 5 star hotel, then you have limited choices and options to choose from, if you need just a hotel in Andover, then you have the Premier Inn located at the Portway complex near to the A303 and the A342 just outside of Andover.

Andover Train Station and Andover Bus Station.

Andover has a Train Station and a Bus station, and the train station is a walk away from the town centre, you can walk following the signs from the Andover Bus station to Andover Train station, the bus station is nest to Waitrose Andover. The Andover Train station address is Station Approach, Andover, Hampshire and the Andover Train station postcode is SP10 3HW. The Andover Bus station postcode is SP10 1QP and is on the Western Road.

Andover Train station has a car park to use, but you can also find free car parking in Andover if you can walk to the train station, further away from the train station you can find roads that are not in the no parking zone areas, which is often a 0.5 mile walk to the station. ideal if you need to save money on car parking, but is not ideal if the weather in Andover is raining.

Andover to London Waterloo – Network Rail Card.

If you are travelling from Andover to London and you need to get a much better ticket price, and you have a Network Rail Card, or a Railcard, then you can get a Andover to London ticket for £25.00 return if you travel after 13:00 pm for a Super Off Peak ticket, this can be cheaper then using a car to drive to London. And getting back to Andover then the last trains are at about 22:20 and 23:20 from London Waterloo.

Computer Help and IT Support Service in Andover.

Get IT Support in Andover, Hampshire, UK for your Apple products and for your Apple Mac computers.

If you need to get Computer Help in Andover, or you need to get IT Support in Andover, or you need to get Computer service in Andover, Hampshire, then Keith Thomas providers one of the best computer help and IT Support services in Andover for Apple and for Apple Mac computer help and computer service at your home or at your office in Andover, you can get computer help for your Andover iMac computer, or for your Andover MacBook or you can get help with your Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, or you can get help with your Home Broadband Internet Connection in Andover, and if you need to get help with a Apple Mac computer hardware repairs service then you can get help and advice from Keith Thomas.