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icloud ransomware protection

iCloud Drive Ransomware Information by Keith Thomas.

iCloud ransomware protection information that you need to know by Keith Thomas.

Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist – Apple iCloud Specialist provides key answers on Apple iCloud Drive and information on Ransomware attacks on Apple Mac computers.

Is Apple iCloud Drive safe from Ransomware?

The simple answer is NO! It seems that the Apple iCloud Drive files can be infected by ransomware attack via a malware computer infection.

Ransomware which is caused by a malware infection on the Apple Mac computer starts to encrypt files stored on a Apple Mac computer targeting the iCloud Drive • iCloud Desktop and Documents on a Ransomware malware computer infection.

With Microsoft launching Windows 11 on the 05th of October 2021, which is the most secure version of Microsoft Windows to date. Ransomware might be coming to the MacOS sooner than you think!

Apple Mac OS Monterey coming to a 2015 or newer Apple Mac computer by November 2021!

“With Mac OS Monterey and Microsoft Windows 11, and with Android 12 here, PC and Apple Mac and device security in late 2021 and 2022 is going to give an ethical hacker a tough time with the newer operating systems!”

Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist!

Companies like Apple and Microsoft need to sell computer hardware to keep their bank accounts happy, so with Apple the newest Apple Mac computers that use the Apple M1 cpu combined with MacOS Monterey and Apple iCloud Plus will give Apple Mac computer users a high level of computer security.

With Microsoft Windows 11 only newer pc computer will be able to run and install Windows 11, their is the possibility that Microsoft Windows 11 might need a TPM known as a Trusted Programme Module.

So if you are still using a older Apple Mac computer or an older Microsoft Windows pc computer. 2021 or 2022 is going to be the year to serious look at buying or purchasing a new pc personal computer.

How can you safeguard against Ransomware on Apple MacOS?

The only way you can help safeguard against macOS Ransomware is to have a robust computer backup plan.

To stop a Apple Mac computer from being infected with malware which can lead to a ransomware attack a Apple Mac Antivirus malware and ransomware software application can be installed.

The Apple iCloud Drive in 2021 does not have a robust plan against any Apple Mac computer Ransomware attack. As the Apple iCloud Drive does not fully support previous versions of files stored on iCloud Drive.

A simple solution to avoid a Apple Mac Ransomware disaster.

By having a robust backup plan for your Apple Mac computer is going to be the best way to protect your Apple Mac computer should it become infected with a Apple Mac ransomware attack.

The Apple macOS operating system has a built in software solution called Apple Time Machine backup. The Apple Time Machine backup supports more than one backup.

The best advice is to use Apple Time Machine to backup your Apple Mac computer with two backups!

In the rare event that your Apple Mac computer is infected with a Mac malware ransomware infection and you have used Apple Time Machine to backup to two external storage devices and one backup storage device is not connected to the computer recovery from a rare Apple Mac computer ransomware attack is possible.

One of the best and easy to do backup strategy’s is to simply rotate two or more backup devices either each week or each month.

How to speed up a Apple Time Machine backup process?

If you need a fast and quick way to backup a Apple Mac computer that is newer than 2012 you can use a external USB 3.0 SSD solid state storage volume for a quick Apple Mac computer backup.

Microsoft 365 OneDrive Malware protection.

Microsoft has a OneDrive Ransomware protection system included with Microsoft 365 service, which seems to be ahead of Apple in 2021!

The Microsoft OneDrive system can detect if many files are being encrypted and a email notification is sent to the Microsoft 365 user account. Microsoft has OneDrive available for the Apple macOS operating system to allow OneDrive to be integrated into the Apple macOS operating system.

How does Microsoft 365 help with ransomware on Microsoft OneDrive? Read the Microsoft OneDrive ransomware recovery procedure.

Drop Box Ransomware protection?

Dropbox has ransomware recovery for some Dropbox accounts. Dropbox has a system which can restore a previous version of a file or folder. Or it’s it possible to restore a Dropbox account to a previous time should a computer ransomware attack occur.

Apple always comes up with easy solutions to new emerging security risks.

macOS Monterey and Apple iCloud Plus should be one of the options to look at to help protect the Apple Mac computer from a possible new and emerging Apple Mac malware computer infection which becomes a Apple Mac ransomware attack or infection.

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