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How to fix Apple Mail keeps asking for a Password

Are you using Apple Mac Mail and you are getting a prompt that keeps asking you to enter in your email password?

Do you need to know how to enter or how to update your email password on Apple Mac Mail?

Did you know that your email password is a single password, but Apple Mac Mail stores a separate password for Incoming emails and outgoing email? f you change your email password account then you might need to change the email password in more than one location on Apple Mac Mail to support both incoming and outgoing email messages.

What to do if Apple Mail keeps asking for a Password?

If Apple Mail keeps asking for a password follow our free guide on how to troubleshoot the problem of Apple Mac Mail rejecting passwords. The Apple Mac Mail application might ask you to for a password if the Apple Mac computer is not on the internet.

  • Make sure that your Apple Mac computer is on the internet by trying a website search using Apple Safari to 2-3 different website pages.
  • If you have changed a email password on one of your other devices or computers – open the Internet accounts icon and select the email account and enter in the new password.
  • Your email service provider might reject your password for any number of reasons.
  • You are not using the current email password.
  • The email service provider has suspended your email account due to high activity or a high number of emails have been sent.
  • Some Microsoft Exchange accounts have a 42 days to a 365-password expiry system in which a new password is required.
  • A email hosting service provider has updated their infrastructure requiring a password change.
  • A Google Mail or Yahoo password can be rejected if too many login attempts have been tried.
  • BT Mail password can be suspended due to suspect security on a email address or even a issue with a IP address security problem.

How to troubleshoot an email password problem with Apple Mail.

One of the best ways to troubleshoot email issues and problems with Apple Mac Mail is to use the built in Connection Doctor from the Windows menu of Apple Mac Mail. Any items that appear in Red need to be resolved for Apple Mac Mail to work correctly.

Information for BT Mail accounts on Apple Mac Mail which will not update and sync with the BT iMap Mail server.

Below is the Accounts settings information from a BT Mail account setup on MacOS, and information showing the Library structure for Apple Mac Mail. Sometimes the Envelope files can rarely become corrupted and by deleting the files, will force Apple Mac Mail to re-download the emails from your email hosting provider. A Apple Time Machine backup is needed before any changes are made to MacOS or your computer.

Google Mail.

  • Sign into your Google Mail account from your computers website browser to verify that the Google Gmail account is working.
  • Make sure that you update the Apple iCloud Keychain password for your Google Mail account if a successful login is achieved.
  • Follow the Google security and privacy check-up online and complete the tasks in full.

Yahoo Mail.

Sign into your Yahoo Mail account from your computers website browser to verify that the Yahoo Mail account is working and you can login to your Yahoo Mail account online.

BT Mail.

Visit the website and sign into your BT account.

If you cannot sign into your BT account online follow the BT website instructions to reset the email password.

  • Once you have verified that you can sign into your email account online, use the same password for the corresponding account in Apple Mac Mail.

Further Troubleshooting Apple Mail password problems.

  • Make sure that you have the correct email address.
  • Use Apple Mail drop if you need to send a email message that has a large attachment.
  • Use the Apple Mac Mail connection doctor and fix any email accounts that show a red dot against the account information.
  • Use the Apple Mac Mail lookup tool available online to find out the correct settings for your email account.
  • Apply any Apple MacOS software updates that are waiting to be installed.
  • Restart the Apple Mac computer in Safe Boot Mode to further troubleshoot Apple Mac Mail.

Quick Apple Mail password issue tip.

If you have all of your emails on a iMap account, a quick and simple way to resolve the problems of Apple Mail keeps asking for a password is to simply use the Apple Internet accounts control panel to remove the email account and add this back again. Follow these quick and easy steps.

  1. Make sure that you have a backup of your Apple Mac computer completed with Apple Time Machine.
  2. Quit Apple Mail make sure that the application is quit and not closed.
  3. Open the System Preferences and the internet accounts control panel.
  4. Highlight the email account that is not working.
  5. Click on the – symbol to remove the account.
  6. Add the email account by clicking on the + symbol.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to setup the email account.

Use this free Apple Mail lookup tool to find out the correct email settings for your computer.

The Apple Mail lookup tool works with most popular email accounts to show you the correct incoming and outgoing email server settings for your email account. The Apple Mail Lookup Tool.

Do you have the problem of Apple Mac Mail quits or crashes on startup?

If Apple Mac Mail will not open, or Apple Mac mail simply crashes then there are some simple steps which you can try to troubleshoot the problem take a look at our Troubleshooting Apple Mac Mail guide.

How to get Apple Mac Mail Technical Support service in the UK?

Are you looking for a Apple Mac computer expert or a Apple Mac computer specialist to help you with Apple Mac Mail?

Do you need help with setting up your email account or you need with fixing and resolving a problem with Apple Mac Mail or you have the problem that Apple Mac Mail keeps on asking for a password?

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