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Apple Mail keeps crashing | Best way to fix the problem

What to do and how to fix and resolve the problem of Apple Mail Keep Crashing on an Apple iMac • MacBook Pro • MacBook Air • Mac mini, Apple Mac Studio computer. and the best way to fix the problem.

What to do if Apple Mac Mail crashes or quits when you open or start Apple Mac Mail.

  • Why does Apple Mac Mail keep on crashing?
  • How to fix and repair the problems with Apple Mac Mail?
  • What is the best way to stop Apple Mac Mail from not working or crashing?

Apple Mail keeps crashing.

Is your Apple Mail application keeps crashing? Read our free guide on how to troubleshoot the problems of Apple Mail keeps crashing on your Apple Mac computer.

Below are the steps to follow to help resolve the issue and problem of Apple mail keeps crashing on your Apple Mac computer.

  1. Quit Apple Mail by either either holding down the mouse or trackpad on the Apple Mail icon in the Dock or choose Mail Quit Mail.
  2. Disable all of the Apple Mail accounts from the Internet accounts icon found within the Apple Menu System Preferences.
  3. Start Apple Mail.
  4. Now enable only one email account from the internet accounts in the system preferences.
  5. Check to see if Apple Mail keeps on crashing or the problem has been resolved.
  6. Enable another email account from the internet account from the system preferences Internet accounts menu.
  7. Find out which email account is causing Apple Mail to crash.
  8. Once the identified Apple Mail email account has been identified then if the account is a iMap account often deleting the account and re-adding the account will fix and resolve the problem of Apple Mail keeps crashing.

How to disable an Internet account in Apple Mail?

  1. open the Apple menu items (Apple black Logo, select System Preferences …, then open the Internet Accounts Icon.
  2. Highlight the Email account that you need to disable. To disable the internet account untick the Mail option. Do not remove the account at this time. To switch back on the Apple Mail account simply repeat the actions and tick on the Mail checkbox.

If Apple Mail is keeps on crashing the follow the next steps.

  1. Simply restart the Apple Mac computer and hold down the left Shift Key whist launching Apple Mail, this will start Apple Mail in safe mode. This simple task can help fix and resolve a Apple Mail problem that keeps crashing when Apple Mail is opened. By using the left Shift Key whilst starting Apple Mail, this will allow Apple Mail to open with no mailbox selected. from the Apple Mail menu bar choose the options in the Mailbox menu to delete erase Junk Mail and Deleted email messages from all of the accounts, then use the option from the Mailbox menu to Syncronise All accounts. Once this has been done then try using Apple Mail again to see of the problem of Apple Mail keeps crashing is resolved.

Delete the Envelope file to force Apple Mail to re-download iMap and Exchange email account data.

Make sure that you have a Apple Time Machine backup before trying to delete the Apple Mail Envelope file. The Apple Envelope file is a hidden file which can be found by using the Apple Mac Finder and the Go command to show the hidden Apple Mail Envelope file.

  1. Delete the Envelope file to force Apple Mac Mail to re-download messages.

Delete the Envelope file from the Apple Mac computer to force Apple Mail to re down the the Apple Mail email database index to your Apple Mac computer. Before you do this task make sure that Apple Mail is not crashing due to the internal storage on the Apple Mac computer is low or almost out of storage space or capacity. If you have just upgraded the Apple Mac operating system software and Apple Mail is now crashing this can be due to the lack of enough storage volume capacity.

Follow the steps below to delete the Apple Mail Envelope file. a new Envelope file will be automatically created after performing the tasks as below.

  1. Click on the Finder Icon, then choose the Go command from the Apple menu bar at the top of the Apple Mac computer screen.
  2. Hold down the Option Key or Alt Key and then choose the Library option. This will open a new Finder window showing a list of files from the hidden Apple Library folder.
  3. Delete the Envelope Index, Envelope Index-shm, Envelope Index-Was files to the Apple Mac desktop screen.
  4. start Apple Mail and allow for the Apple Mail application to download email messages to Apple Mail.

Apple Mail Library showing the Envelope Index files highlighted.

Other Apple Mail troubleshooting steps to try.

If you are using a popular email service from Google Mail also know as Gmail. Login to your Google account from using Apple Safari and delete any emails that might cause Apple Mail to crash, start with Junk Mail and Deleted emails that are shown on your Google account webmail account page. If Apple Mail has only started to crash then focus on deleting and new emails that you have received which might be causing Apple Mail to crash.

Update the Apple MacOS operating system software version.

The Apple Mail database is updated when the Apple MacOS operating system software is updated. This can help resolve the problem of Apple Mac Mail that keeps on crashing. By updating the Apple MacOS operating system the Apple MacOS can fix and repair problems with the Apple Mac mail database. In all cases make sure that you have a backup of your Apple Mac computer to an external Apple Time machine storage volume or a Apple Time capsule.

Why does Apple Mac Mail keep on crashing?

  1. The Apple Mac Mail database received a email message that was corrupted and it causes Apple Mac Mail to quit and crash.
  2. One of the email accounts that are setup to use Apple Mac Mail is corrupted.
  3. The Apple Mac Mail internal database is damaged often caused by a storage volume issue or problem.
  4. One or more email messages are corrupted, causing Apple Mac Mail to crash or quit.
  5. A Font that is used for Apple Mac Mail is corrupted, causing problems with Apple Mac Mail.
  6. The MacOS operating system is not stable and macOS needs to be re-installed.

How to get Apple Mac Mail Support in the UK?

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