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Kernel_task Mac CPU high use process on Apple Macs

The Kernel_Task CPU process on Mac OS needs to run and if the Kernel Task is running and the Mac OS performance is fine then ignore the process do not stop the kernel task.

Get Apple Support and Apple Assistance with a Kernel Task process that is running on a Apple Mac Computer. For newer Apple Mac Computers, a high kernel task does not often effect the performance of mac OS and most users will not notice any change to their computer.

  • What is the kernel task Mac process on the Apple MacOS and how can you control the kernel task if the kernel task?
  • How can you fix the kernel task process from running on MacOS?
  • What to do if the Kernel task keeps on running on the Apple Mac computer?

What is a quick way to stop or to control the Apple Kernel Task on a Apple Mac Computer?

  1. The Kernel Task can run if Apple Time Machine is making a backup of a Apple Mac Computer.
  2. If the Apple Time Machine is taking a long time to complete, then the Apple Time Machine external storage volume might be freeing up storage space, this takes time, if the storage volume is more than 4 years old, and it is slow, consider a newer faster external flash storage volume for Apple Time Machine.
  3. Simply shutdown and restart a Apple Mac computer to see if the Apple Kernel Task stops running.

Apple Kernel_Task Mac CPU Support on Intel Macs!

The Apple Mac OS operating system Kernel Task is named as the kernel_task process name. This controls the Apple Mac intel microprocessor speed on your Apple Mac computer. The Apple Mac Microprocessor. The kernel_task process is needed to assist with the thermal internal temperature of the Apple Mac computer, and to stop the cpu and other key components from becoming too hot.

Update from July 2021 on the Kernel_task for newer Apple Macs!

Newer Apple Macs including the 13-inch MacBook Air M1 and the 13-inch MacBook Pro M1 and the 24-inch iMac 2021 M1 desktop does not run the kernel task so often, and the Apple M1 cpu has much better technology the kernel_task does not often run. or runs quickly without causing any slowdown of the Apple Mac computer.

Apple MacOS Activity Monitor showing kernel_task CPU process

The Apple MacOS Activity Monitor is the built in Apple MacOS software utility tool that can review how well your Apple Mac computer is running.

The more heat that the Apple Mac computer generates internally has a impact on the overall speed the performance of your Apple Mac computer.

Apple iMac kernel task process

The Apple iMac kernel task runs to control the overall speed of the Apple iMac computer. The Apple iMac range of computers from 2007 to 2020 use Intel Microprocessors, which generate heat, Intel have never been able to produce a microprocessor that runs cool, so to avoid getting too hot the Apple iMac has thermal controls to help slow down the Intel Microprocessor.

iMac kernel task high CPU use on intel Apple Macs!

The Apple iMac kernel task process can run more often than it should, this is caused by many factors, the Apple iMac computer becomes too hot, due to dust or a internal fan that cannot remove the heat quickly.

However, the general design of the Apple iMac computer is good at dealing with heat disposal if the internal fans are dust free and the iMac vents are dust free. On the older generation of Intel Apple iMac 21.5-inch computers apple used a 5400 RPM SATA 1Tb hard disk drive to keep the computer from overheating, at the cost of performance. You can find out more about the iMac 21.5 computer that has the 5400 rpm storage volume, and why it needs to be replaced.

The Apple iMac has a long line on the rear panel and mini vents at the lower bottom of the iMac screen.

How to troubleshoot the kernel task high use on an Apple iMac computer.

An application can cause the kernel task process to run in the background. This can slow down an older Apple Mac computer and also cause the storage volume to do more work, which means more heat, and slower performance issues and problems, often on the older generation of the Apple iMac computer range.

Use the Apple Mac Activity Monitor application to help troubleshoot a high use of the kernel task process.

1. Open the Apple Mac Activity Monitor.

2. Review the Apple Mac Activity monitor for a few minutes to review the overall CPU performance and speed of the Apple Mac computer.

3. Quit the applications that are open, use the Apple Dock to view which applications are running, the small black dot under each icon shows the application is open.

4. Click and hold down the mouse button or track pad in the icon in the dock to quit or force quit the application from running. The Apple Mac Finder cannot quit do not try to quit the Apple Mac Finder which is the first icon in the Apple Dock.

5. Next, shut down the Apple Mac computer from the Apple menu and choose shutdown, choose the option to untick the to allow items to re-open after logging back in.

6. Restart the Apple Mac computer.

After the Apple Mac computer has restarted then once again review the Apple Mac Activity Monitor. Focus on the CPU and Memory tabs to monitor the Apple Mac computer performance.

A high amount of memory use after the Apple Mac computer has restarted could mean that the Apple Mac computer is Indexing the Spotlight search this causes the kernel task process to start.

The Apple Mac Time Machine backup process can also make the kernel task process run.

The kernel task is a normal Apple Mac background task it cannot be quit and it has to run.

How to troubleshoot High CPU and Mac memory performance.

A Apple Mac computer that is infected with Apple Mac Malware or a Apple Mac computer virus can cause a high CPU use and a high memory use, which in turn causes the Apple Mac computer to run slow, and of course makes the Apple Mac computer run hot, causing further use of the kernel task.

MacBook Pro High Kernel Task Process.

The Apple MacBook Pro range of Apple portable laptops can have a high temperature which causes the Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer to start the Apple MacBook Pro kernel task process in addition the windows Server process can also run.

This means that the Apple MacBook Pro performance can be reduced allowing for the Apple MacBook Pro temperature heat to be reduced.

Tips for keeping the Apple MacBook Pro running at an optimal speed.

Use the correct power adaptor for the Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer.

If possible, service the Apple MacBook Pro battery for MacBook Pro models that have a Apple MacBook Pro fixed price battery replacement from a Apple Authorised Service Provider.

Only use a genuine Apple MacBook Pro original battery with the correct Apple MacBook Pro power adaptor.

A Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer with a third-party MacBook Pro battery and a third-party MacBook Pro power adaptor might cause the MacBook Pro to get hot on charging, causing a high CPU performance use and a high use of the kernel_task process.

Try Apple Safe mode to further troubleshoot a high use of the kernel task.

An Apple or third-party Apple Mac OS system extension can cause the Apple Mac OS operating system to start a kernel task process running. Shutdown the Apple Mac computer and simply start the Apple Mac computer with the shift key held down to troubleshoot a high kernel_task process issue.

Repair the Apple Mac computer storage volume to troubleshoot a kernel task process high use task.

The Apple Mac computer can try to fix a Apple Mac computer storage volume causing a kernel_task process to run.

Restart the Apple Mac computer into the Apple Mac OS recovery console and repair the Apple Mac computer storage volume by using Apple Disk First Aid.

Reset the Apple Mac SMC to help troubleshoot a high kernel_task process performance issue.

The Apple Mac SMC system management controller, controls certain battery, and power features, by resetting the Apple Mac SMC can help troubleshoot both Apple Mac computer startup issues and high Apple Mac performance issues.

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Apple Mac Malware and high kernel task activity.

Apple Mac computers that are infected with Mac Malware, often show a high use of the kernel task on the Apple Mac computer. Did you know that in 2021 and 2023 Apple Mac computer Malware is on the rise, and now is the time to check your Apple Mac computer for an Apple Mac Malware infection. Find out more about how to remove a Apple Mac Malware infection on your Apple Mac computer with our Mac Malware removal service.