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iMac Maintenance Near Me Service Get Help with a Slow iMac!

iMac Maintenance. The Best Way to Speed Up a Slow iMac Computer.

iMac Maintenance near me service in London and in Surrey, for on site or for remote iMac computer maintenance service. Get Help with a slow iMac computer.

You can get iMac Maintenance and iMac computer maintenance tips, training, and iMac computer maintenance support from Keith Thomas, a Apple iMac Specialist and a iMac computer expert that provides both on site and remote iMac computer maintenance service in the UK United Kingdom and on site for iMac computer maintenance in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire.

Find Out the Best ways to Speed up a Slow iMac Computer, that has become slow, or very slow. Or Get iMac Maintenance Help from an Apple Expert. 07800 940756

iMac Computer Maintenance and iMac Computer speeds and performance in 2024!

iMac Computers that were manufactured between 2007 – 2011, are obsolete year models, these models will become slow or very slow, iMac 2012 to 2019 models that use a Macintosh HD Storage volume will also become slow, either because of a lack of iMac Computer Maintenance, or the storage volume has too many files, or the storage volume is rather full, but also if the storage volume has a technical hardware problem.

Why has my iMac Computer become Slow?

To know and to find out the exact reason why an iMac 2012 to iMac 2019 has become slow or very slow, will require some iMac computer maintenance tasks to be completed. Or if you have a MacBook Air and a iMac computer, even an older MacBook Air laptop can be faster than an iMac, and the simple reason is that a Flash based MacBook Air, vs a iMac that has a Macintosh HD SATA storage volume, will always be slow to use, the solution is to get a iMac M3, or even an iMac M1 computer which will be much faster to use.

iMac 2012 to iMac 2019 are now slow iMacs to use vs iMac M1 or iMac M3!

if you have an iMac 2012 to 2019 model, and you do not want to troubleshoot the problem of the iMac computer that has become slow, the best way to fix the problem is to use an External SSD Storage Volume as the Macintosh HD Startup Volume.

A USB 3.0 External SSD storage volume has a much better Write and Read Speed in Mb/s usually about 400 Mb/s Write and Read speeds.

A iMac computer that is 2012 to 2019 had a Mb/s of about 300 Mb/s or write and read speed when the storage volume is working normally, it it is slower, either the storage volume has too many files, or the iMac computer might have too many background tasks running, or the memory is not optimised, which might mean the iMac computer has a Mac Malware infection, or a third party software is slowing down the iMac computer.

Use an External Storage Volume for the Best Way to get the Very Best Performance from a iMac 2012 to iMac 2019 computer.

The iMac range of computers that Apple Sold from 2012 to 2019 often has a 1Tb SATA Storage Volume, these are known to become slow, or very slow, and the very Best Way to get the Best Possible Performance from a iMac Computer that has a 1 Tb Macintosh HD Hard Disk storage volume, is to use an SSD Storage volume.

For the iMac 2017 and iMac 2019 you can get Apple to upgrade the iMac 2017, or iMac 2019 that has a 1Tb Macintosh HD storage volume with an internal SSD storage volume, or another much lower cost and often easier way is to buy or purchase an external SSD storage volume, as install Mac OS to the external storage volume to use this as the iMac computer start up volume to give the iMac 2012 – 2019 range about 400 Mb/s write and read performance. to fully fix the problem.

Most External SSD storage volume devices that have a USB 3.0 port will be suitable as an external SSD storage volume, The Crucial x 8 1TB External SSD is one example of a good opinion for a iMac External SSD storage volume, priced at about £60 or less in December 2023.

Slow iMac Maintenance Troubleshooting Steps.

How to Troubleshoot a iMac computer, that has become slow or very slow in a few simple steps. Or contact an iMac Maintenance Specialist Today.

  1. Check the Storage Volume Used and Free Space Capacity by using the Apple Menu and Choose About This Mac, or About This Computer, then click on the Storage Panel.
  2. You can Shutdown and Restart the computer, and hold down the Shift Key on Startup, until the Apple Logo comes up, to startup the computer in Safe Mode. Then Review the computer performance speed.
  3. Items that startup with an Intel Apple Mac Computer, like Spotify, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Third party Apple Software Tools, can make an Intel Apple Mac computer slow to use. Use the System Preferences from the Apple Menu Items, and open the Users and Groups Icon, then choose the Login Items, Simply Remove all of the items shown, then restart the computer.
  4. Do a Apple Mac Computer Malware Check using Malware bytes Mac Software, which is the best one for Apple Mac computer Malware Removal.
  5. Only if you have a Apple Time Machine Backup in place then the computer can have further iMac Maintenance by either starting up the computer in Safe Mode, or by using the Mac OS Recovery Console and then use the Apple Disk Utility, Disk First Air to Repair the Mac OS Startup Storage Volume.

How to free up iMac Computer Storage Space.

The Best way to Free Up Storage Space on an iMac or any Apple Mac Computer is to follow the few easy steps on the Apple guide on How to Free Up Apple Mac Computer Storage Volume Space.

Where Can I Get Help with iMac Computer Maintenance Near Me?

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You can get Help with iMac Computer Maintenance near me in London, or in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, or by Remote iMac computer maintenance service near to you.

Keith Thomas is a Apple Mac Computer Maintenance Specialist, and iMac Maintenance Expert that provides On Site Apple Mac computer maintenance services, Apple Telephone Support Apple Mac computer maintenance, and Remote Apple Mac computer maintenance services in the UK, England, United Kingdom. You can get in touch with Keith Thomas by Apple Telephone Support 07800 940756 or send a SMS Text Message to 07800 940756 or Complete the Online Website Contact Form (24 Hours)